Health bars are completely changing in the preseason

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The upcoming preseason in League of Legends promises to be a great one with a plethora of changes, updates, and yes, even brand new health bars in the works.

League of Legends is just a few months away from ushering in a brand new era of the franchise. From completely revamping runes to the constant flow of new champions, items, game modes, patch updates, and more, it’s going to be one of the best times to ever get into the biggest multiplayer online battle arena in the world.

Besides all that, it’s just recently been announced that new health bars are also coming to League of Legends to kick off the preseason with a much cleaner look. Now, when these new health bars go live, the biggest update will be to how they change based on what you’re hitting and of course, what’s coming your way.

In an article written by Julia Lee of The Rift Herald, she confirmed that new visuals will showcase burst damage, healing, ammo, Turret health/destruction, epic monster health, and yes, even when champions are unkillable/invulnerable.

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Looking at her article, the new health bars are sleek in design and look fantastic. Not only do they capture the moment perfectly but should do a better job when it comes to reaction time once the action starts happening in a match.

Keep in mind that these aren’t permanent and just like Lee said, could be subject to change by developers. So far, however, if this ends up being near the final product, it will undoubtedly be a great update to continue enhancing the game for the better.

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Overall, this is just a few of the many changes coming in 2018. Get ready Summoners, things are shaping up to continue making League of Legends one of the best PC experiences ever.