New buff is being tested out on Evelynn

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Developers of League of Legends want to put Evelynn in a better place as a top jungler. New buffs are being tested on her in the Public Beta Environment to ensure she can thrive in Attack Damage builds.

When developers of League of Legends decided to rework Evelynn, they have so far done a good job at putting her in a better place since she an unpopular pick for a while. As a jungler, her new kit was supposed to be able to clear quickly as well as be an efficient ganker. The only problem is, she’s not coming out the gates with a consistent amount of damage, especially when she’s in a position to take out enemy champions in a team fight.

Developers, as always, monitor new and reworked champions when they’re launched to get a good idea how they perform in League of Legends. As of now, they’ve decided to roll out some changes to Evelynn via the Public Beta Environment in order to buff her and put her in a position to be a difference maker.

In an article written by Tanner Dedmon of, he confirmed that the biggest change is to her E – Whiplash. Here’s what he said about the current change being tested, that could change at any time, in the PBE:

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"Her “E,” Whiplash, now has its flat damage changed to a percentage of her AD with the same adjustments being tested for the empowered version of the ability."

The goal here is to turn Evelynn into a hybrid kind of champion that can focus on building items that emphasize Attack Damage. That way, Summoners can have unique builds that maximize her E – Whiplash for it to pack a punch. If it catches an unsuspecting enemy champion, it will hit them like a ton of bricks to set things up with the other abilities of her kit.

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Hopefully, it’s a change that ends up being final since it would undoubtedly make her rise up even more on the charts when it comes to junglers and their ability to deliver results. For now, she’s in a better place but this possible upcoming change could turn her into a force to reckon with.