Emotes will be coming to loot boxes and missions

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Emotes at this point in time are only purchasable via the in-game Store of League of Legends. That is about to change in the future.

Whether you love or hate emotes in League of Legends, there is no denying it’s serving as a good tool to express what is going on in a match. No longer do you have to type when wanting to thank your jungler for ganking or tell a teammate good job for getting a kill and then end up getting killed because you were distracted. With emotes, you can give them a thumbs up or any other number of appropriate emotes to get the message clearly across.

At this point in time, emotes are only purchasable with Riot Points via the in-game store but developers have confirmed that in the future, it’ll be available in other ways. Rioter Mulligan confirmed via an article written on the Nexus that emotes will be eventually coming to loot boxes and even as rewards in missions.

Emotes are perfect to have mixed in to make loot even more rewarding in League of Legends. Besides the usual champion shards and key fragments, all of that is expected to change when the huge Runes Reforged update goes live.

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Besides new runes and gameplay hitting League of Legends due to this update, there will be no more level cap. Instead, Summoners will gradually level up and earn loot all along the way. Now, with emotes eventually being a part of loot, it gives many even more reasons to continue playing to level up.

Missions have also been well-accepted by the community and if developers were able to add emotes to the usual new icons and wards, it would add even more engagement when they drop. Emotes could be the final reward in a mission line and could also be specifically created for new missions.

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Overall, this is great news for all Summoners that enjoy emotes. One can only imagine what developers will come up with for new ones but now, having emotes eventually coming to loot boxes and missions is a step heading in the right direction.