Breaking down the best LEC bot lane duos after Week 3

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Teamwork makes the dream work in the bot lane, and the best bottom lane duos work like well-oiled machines. The question is, though, who is the best LEC bot lane duo?

From the Bang/Wolf combination who took down multiple world championships to the infamous CLG “Rush Hour” of years past, to the Sven/Mithy “Best in the West”, it’s all about the team combos on the south side of the map. Given the duality of the bot lane, it’s nearly impossible to appraise either ADC or support without looking at the other half of the lane. Given this, we’ll be looking at the best LEC bot duos following the Week 3 action.

We’ve seen some awesome play coming out during these first couple weeks, with solid tank engage supports and mid/late-game ADCs being leveraged to turn the tides of the fight. But there’s been another week of action, and my article on the worst bot lane duos exclusively covered Week 2, so I think it’s only fair that I just take Week 3 into account for this one. Hold onto your [insert extremity here]: here come the best LEC bot lane combos from the past three weeks!

5. Jesper ‘Jeskla’ Klarin/Raymond ‘kaSing’ Tsang

Kicking off the best LEC bot lanes list, we have exceL, who went 1-1 on the week in a similar fashion as OG. They started off with a ridiculously strong showing against Misfits, who seems to be stalling out after a blazing-hot start to the season. Though Jeskla and kaSing played safely throughout this game, they were able to completely neutralize Hans Sama, who still seemed to be the strongest ADC coming into the week.

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Jeskla also had an insane escape from a Kennan ultimate after picking off GorillA. Their game against Schalke did not look nearly as good, but the XL’s bottom lane managed to stay mostly even and farm up. despite Jeskla dying to an early gank. The end of that game came down to a series of picks against other members of his team, and exceL was eventually choked out of the game.

While it was a decent showing in both matches, Jeskla still needs to contribute more damage during team fights before we can rank him any higher. As for kaSing, we’ll need to see a better aptitude at the pick-based style of play that has been dominating the region.

4. Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković/Mihael ‘Mikyx’ Mehle

It’s a little astounding that you can put Perkz and Mikyx so far down the best LEC bot duo list, given that their team is the only squad that remains undefeated after the third week. However, this 6-0 scoreline may be the only thing keeping Perkz on this list and not on the previous one!

Perkz and Mikyx seem to have been identified as the only chink in the armor of the G2 juggernaut, and teams have taken to ganking the two fairly often. Even without those ganks, Perkz has been going down in early lane CS and kills against many of his opponents, a worrying trend for any other squad than G2.

The reason they are on this list at all is the fact that despite giving up early kills in both their games last week (and pretty much every game before that), G2 somehow inevitably recovers. By the end of the game will see Perkz heating up and helping his team maneuver around their enemies in ways that are frankly insulting. Mikyx and Perkz have a long way to go before we’re convinced they’re the best in the league, but they certainly look like contenders when the 30-minute mark rolls around.