League of Legends Patch 9.9 tier list: mid lane

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Twisted Fate. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Falling Champions

Twisted Fate (A to B tier)

TF is the opposite side of the Vel’Koz/Anivia coin. He’s fluttered between high-B and low-A but this time the coin came up on the wrong side for him.

Xerath (A to B tier)

If there was an argument that the Scorch buffs were too much, Xerath is a great counter to that argument. It’s a pretty core rune for him, yet he dropped significantly, with only one site rating him as an A pick. Last patch, four different sites had him in their A tier.

Corki (A to B tier)

Another Scorch user, Corki took a dip but there are still plenty of sites (three in fact) that have him as an A tier pick or higher. It’s unclear what’s causing the widespread disagreement on where he should be, so I’ll reserve judgment until next patch.

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Annie (B to C tier)

No buffs, no nerfs to the Dark Child. Two sites have her ranked as D tier or below in Patch 9.9. Not a single one had her in that spot last patch (though one site did not rank her in both patches).

Ziggs (B to C tier)

Ziggs blasted his way into the B tier last patch, and we thought it might be a permanent spot for the Hexplosive Expert. Unfortunately, the fuse blew and he fell back to the C tier. A couple of sites do think he’s an A tier pick, though, so he could be one to watch.

Kayle (C to D tier)

Woof. Kayle dropped like a rock in this tier, the biggest drop of all our mid laners in Patch 9.9. Obviously, she got some nerfs in Patch 9.8 and is starting to feel the effects, but she is rated as a B tier pick in the mid lane by only a single site. Three didn’t bother to rank her in the position at all.