League of Legends: Top 3 Jungle champions on Patch 9.23

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

The preseason experience changes have made an impact on the League of Legends jungle meta, resulting in these three champions dominating on Patch 9.23.

Reduced respawn timers, increased experience, and earlier dragon spawns were added in Patch 9.23 meaning jungle mains had to relearn League of Legends inside and out for the ninth year in a row. However, the preseason update has added a tonne of variety to the role with permanently ganking no longer being the only option for junglers.

As a result, a few new faces have cropped up in the jungle meta and boast extremely high win rates on the current live patch. Here are the top three junglers on Patch 9.23:


A fast clear with Tiamat, excellent ganking in the early game, and a threatening ultimate to have opposition laners running in fear post-level 6, Warwick has it all.

Despite being quite a one-dimensional champion, Warwick currently possesses the highest win rate of any jungler on Patch 9.23 at 54.36%. While usually, such a high win rate could be due to a small player base mastering the champion, this time it’s not the case, with an above-average 5.7% pick rate in solo queue on the current patch.

As alluded to earlier, this is mainly due to his impressive jungle clear speed and strong early ganks, as well as excellent duel potential in the early game. Maintaining a full HP bar throughout the early game is possible because of Warwick’s Passive – Eternal Hunger, while ganks and early jungle 1v1s are a piece of cake with intelligent usage of Q – Jaws of the Beast and E – Primal Howl.

As it stands, only two junglers have a positive win rate when facing Warwick: Nunu & Willump and Olaf. Take advantage of this by heading into solo queue, locking the werewolf in, and wreaking havoc in the early game.


Speaking of Olaf… Not only is he an effective counter to Warwick, but he is also an adept jungle champion in his own right on Patch 9.23.

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In previous metas, you’d see Olaf players running Predator for some inescapable ganks and strong chase potential against fleeing enemies. However, with the preseason Conqueror changes making the keystone borderline broken, it’s become a no-brainer for Olaf players to take the rune to improve their already exceptional capabilities in 1v1s and boost his overall damage output in skirmishes.

Combine this with an unmatched early clear speed, as well as the ability to grab early dragons with ease, and it comes as no surprise that Olaf is one of the best junglers to pick on the current patch.


Ekko is a peculiar addition to the top tier of the jungle power rankings and has come out of nowhere to establish himself as one of the strongest junglers on Patch 9.23 with an incredible 52.31% win rate.

Having received zero direct or indirect nerfs in the most recent patch notes, it’s quite shocking to see Ekko so high up in the jungle tier list. Maybe it’s a case of junglers sleeping on the champion in previous patches or maybe it’s due to his new True Damage skin. Either way, it’s clear to see why he’s so strong at the moment.

Ekko is a champion that only requires 3 levels in order to craft out effective gank opportunities and propel himself and laners into a gold lead. With the preseason experience changes, this means that the time traveler can reach his desired level by clearing either side of his jungle, reducing the timer before his first gank.

A talented Ekko player can place his W – Parallel Convergence and time his E – Phase Dive perfectly to blow summoner spells or pick up free kills in any lane, provided he’s out of vision. This is a lot easier on the side lanes, and with top lane receiving a few buffs on 9.23, you’re likely to see Ekko heading up there often.

Add this to the fact that once he reaches level 6, Ekko is basically unkillable, and you’ve got yourself one overpowered and annoying jungler. Therefore, it only makes sense to pick him up and head into solo queue over the next few days to grab some free LP before he potentially receives nerfs on Patch 9.24!

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Have you been finding joy with a particular jungle champion on Patch 9.23? Let us know which champion and how you play them in the comments!