League of Legends: Top 3 ADC champions on Patch 9.23

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

With League of Legends preseason well underway, here are three ADC champions that are thriving under the new changes that came with Patch 9.23.

Top lane buffs, jungle buffs, mid lane buffs, support item buffs. ADC mains are the only group of League of Legends players that didn’t benefit from the Patch 9.23 changes and are stuck playing the same old champion during preseason.

Marksman players have gone to drastic lengths to spice up their preseason by stealing support champion Senna and making her their own, playing her in a role she wasn’t intended to be played into devastating effect. She joins two other champions on this list of marksmen that are taking over solo queue in the ADC role on the current preseason patch.

So, if you’re an ADC player looking to grab some preseason LP in preparation for Season 10, these are the champions for you:


Strong scaling, high damage output with crit chance, and a potentially game-changing ultimate all make Ashe a popular pick amongst ADC mains in the current meta. What separates her from her marksman counterparts though, is her ability to deal excellent DPS with a strong two-item power spike of Blade of the Ruined King and Runaan’s Hurricane.

Ashe players should focus on farming up early, avoiding crowd control from the enemy support, and staying alive. Throughout the first ten minutes of the game, it’s essential to avoid confrontation due to her low range and use Hawkshot intelligently to spot out the enemy jungler.

Once Ashe has reached two or three items, then it’s time to carry. Stick with your support and constantly be on the lookout for an Enchanted Crystal Arrow play to catch out an opponent and kick off a team fight. Provided your positioning is excellent in a skirmish, your team should come out on top 99% of the time as Ashe instantly melts enemies with critical strikes and her Q – Ranger’s Focus.

It’s important to always be wary of her low range and lack of mobility though.


If you want to get a lead from the first minute then Caitlyn is undoubtedly the ADC for you. Head into solo queue with an aggressive early support who can provide CC from distance, such as Morgana or Zyra, and attempt to lock down the enemy carry as often as possible using Yordle Snap Traps.

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Cait’s unmatched auto attack range and Headshot damage in the early stages make her an unstoppable force in the laning phase and she can often come out with multiple kills and a significant gold lead under her belt. In the mid-game, it’s essential to push your advantage with Caitlyn and continuously push down towers and force major objectives, utilizing your long-range to poke out enemy champions.

She might be outmatched by the likes of Jinx, Kog’Maw, and Tristana in terms of late-game damage, but it should never come to that point, as with Caitlyn your main goal is to dominate the early game and snowball your lead before the enemy marksman has completed their first item. At a 51.37% win rate, it’s clear that plenty of marksman players have mastered this skill, so jump on the bandwagon and grab your free LP before the Sheriff of Piltover is nerfed!


Surprise, surprise! Another champion released is a broken mess in their first weeks of being added to the game. This time it’s Senna who currently boasts an incredible 54.48% win rate in a role she wasn’t even intended to be played in.

When it comes to playing the new champion, it’s relatively straight forward. Pick up Absolution souls, land a few Last Embraces, and spam auto-attacks and Piercing Lights to quickly reduce your opponents’ health bars to nothing. You may think it sounds too simple, but it really isn’t due to the unbalanced nature of the most recent addition to the League of Legends roster of champions.

The word is out though, and Senna will definitely be receiving substantial nerfs on Patch 9.24, so get in there while she’s still hot and steal some LP from your opponents with one of the strongest marksman champions we’ve seen since Kai’Sa and Xayah dominated the bot lane meta.

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Which ADC champion have you been playing on Patch 9.23? Who is the strongest in your opinion? Let us know in the comments!