League of Legends: Top 3 Mid Lane champions on Patch 9.23

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Mid lane is a brand new experience in League of Legends Preseason 2020, meaning these three champions are finding a tonne of success on Patch 9.23!

Solo lane experience received light buffs with the introduction of preseason on Patch 9.23, which means mid lane champions are stronger than ever! Throughout preseason we’ve seen League of Legends players adapt to the new changes and mid lane mains are no different, with their champion pools slowly morphing over the last few weeks.

Roaming and level 6 power spikes are the name of the game in the current mid lane meta, with a tonne of champions that can affect the side lanes boasting huge win rates on Patch 9.23. Here are the top three mid lane champions on the current live patch:


You’ll be seeing a lot of Ekko during preseason as he’s the only champion in S tier in two roles (jungle and mid lane). From a jungle standpoint, Ekko offers excellent gank opportunities and strong dueling potential, especially post-level 6. In terms of the mid lane, Ekko’s wave clear allows him to traverse the map ahead of his lane opponent, impacting side lanes on a regular basis to get his team ahead.

A few auto-attacks combined with a Q – Timewinder will quickly clear out a minion wave, allowing Ekko to dip into fog of war and threaten a roam to either side lane. From this, the entire team gains pressure to make plays on the map and gain small advantages, especially the jungler.

If the opportunity presents itself, Ekko can run down to bot lane and gank with W – Parallel Convergence to lock down a carry and potentially blow summoner spells or pick up kills. A single kill could result in Ekko taking over the game with picks and excellent team fight utility thanks to his backline dive.

Wave clear, snowball ability, and gank potential all make Ekko a feared mid laner in the current meta and certainly one of the top three on Patch 9.23.


With mage champions dominating the mid lane meta, that can only mean one thing: Kassadin rises in priority. It’s no secret that Kassadin excels against mages due to the magic damage reduction on his Passive – Void Stone and with 21/22 of the 50%+ win rate mid laners on Patch 9.23 all dealing predominantly magic damage, it’s no surprise that he’s back.

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Despite the current League of Legends meta having a huge early game focus, Kassadin’s early game issues aren’t preventing him from finding success in preseason, as he currently sits at a very high 53.35% win rate in solo queue amongst mid laners. As alluded to earlier, this is mainly due to his roaming capabilities post-level 6 and how he impacts the side lanes once he gains access to his Ultimate – Riftwalk.

Not only can Kassadin dominate the mid-game thanks to successful roams, but he also succeeds at running team fights and even split pushing where possible. Once his R is stacked, there’s really no stopping a Kassadin in the late game, and he’s near untouchable once he picks up a few kills.

This champion will no doubt see a few nerfs in Patch 9.24 to bring him back to a more balanced state, so take advantage of his overpowered win rate on the current patch by locking him in and grabbing some free LP.


Roaming and team fighting are also two areas where Katarina shines with the constant threat of her rotating to the bottom lane or hopping into a skirmish for some AoE damage provided by Death Lotus. At 52.71%, Katarina currently has the fourth-highest win rate of any mid lane champion on Patch 9.23, and this is also reflected by her relatively extreme pick and ban rates (7.3% and 7.7% respectively).

Much like the previous two champions, Katarina is the Queen of the snowball, and if she’s allowed to pick up a few kills in the early game then you can kiss your LP goodbye. E – Shunpo allows her to start a fight at any point during the laning phase and her Passive – Voracity makes her dueling very strong. Not only that, but she also benefits from the recent changes to Conqueror that is undoubtedly in a very broken state at the moment.

If you’re looking to pick Katarina in solo queue this week, be sure to farm cautiously, especially in ranged match-ups, then threaten all-ins once level 3 is reached. If your wave is in a beneficial position, dip into the fog of war to spook side lanes and constantly leave the possibility of a roam open.

Aim to join up with your jungler to grab a few early kills and it should be plain sailing from there as a fed Katarina is a terrifying prospect for enemy teams, and impossible to stop if a skilled player is controlling her. So give her a go!

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What are your counters to Katarina on Patch 9.23? Have you found a way to stop her or do you simply ban her in champion select? Let us know in the comments!