League of Legends: Senna shrugs off nerfs to top Patch 9.24 ADC tier list

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Caitlyn. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

We take a look at the League of Legends ADC meta in Patch 9.24.

The ADC meta has been among the least diverse in League of Legends, but Patch 9.24 aimed to change things up a bit. Nerfs to some of the best bot laners (Senna) and a buff to Sivir make this patch’s ADC tier list a bit spicier.

As a quick note, Aphelios will not be included in the Patch 9.24 ADC tier list, as we like to give new champions at least a full patch to get their feet under them and allow players to learn their kit. Although, for Aphelios it might be worth giving players four years to get an advanced degree and then learn his kit, but we have to be consistent! Here is how the ADC meta stands today!

Support tier list

S tier: Caitlyn, Senna (⇑⇒)
A+ tier: Miss Fortune (⇐), Lucian (⇑), Ashe (⇒)
A tier: Jinx (⇐⇓), Vayne, Heimerdinger (⇑⇒)
B tier:  Jhin (⇐⇓), Kai’Sa (⇐⇓), Xayah, Yasuo (⇑), Draven, Twitch (⇒)
C tier: Tristana (⇐⇓), Ezreal (⇐⇓), Cassiopeia (*), Varus, Sivir, Kog’Maw (⇑)
D tier: Swain, Kalista
F tier:



  • * = new to the tier list this patch
  • ⇑ = improved (rated at least one tier higher than the previous patch)
  • ⇓ = declined (rated at least one tier lower than the previous patch)
  • ⇐ = borderline-up (within 10% of being in the next-higher tier)
  • ⇒ = borderline-down (within 10% of being in the next-lower tier)


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  • The trend seems to be towards a lot more early game ADCs, with champions like Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, and Lucian dominating the top of our tier list. Another interesting addition to this group, though not a traditional ADC, is Heimerdinger. This is likely because of how important getting early dragons can be, making champions that can get bot priority easily very valuable.
  • The biggest drop in our ranking from the last patch belongs to Kai’Sa, which could be an after-effect of her nerfs in Patch 9.23. She dropped to high-B tier from A+ tier in Patch 9.24 but her win rate stayed steady at 48.5%. She also has the highest pick rate (33.5%) of any ADC in the current patch.
  • Patch 9.24’s biggest riser in the bot lane isn’t an ADC at all, but Yasuo. The Unforgiven may only have a 49.9% win rate (only slightly up from his 49.7% win rate last patch), but sites around the internet seem to be giving him more credit as a bot laner. He went from a mid-C pick to the middle of our B tier.
  • In terms of win rate, one of our lowest-rated champions (Swain) is actually the winningest champion in the ADC role with a 53.9% win rate (though only a 0.5% pick rate). The next-highest is MF at 53.1% and an actual, robust pick rate of 10.7%. The ADC with the lowest pick rate, though, is no surprise as the worst-rated ADC Kalista has only a 47.3% win rate.