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League of Legends has some sweet new skins and we are here to let you know if they are worth the RP.

Tuesday’s Patch 9.24b update for League of Legends also delivered a new set of skins, the Sugar Rush skins that were announced a bit ago. Today I’m going to review them to see which ones are worth your Christmas gift money as we get closer to the holiday.

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The first skin in the line is Sugar Rush Braum for 1350 RP. His shield is a giant waffle with frosting everywhere and it just looks silly. his passive marker is a piece of candy and his Q looks like a giant cookie being launched. His ultimate is pretty much knock up by chocolate as a variety of treats fly your way.

It’s a fun skin and fits the theme well. Plus it fits well with Braum’s fun-loving happy attitude making this a great skin for him. I would recommend this skin.

Next in the line is Evelynn for 1350 RP. It does look like an odd choice for a skin at first with chocolate strawberries dripping from her ears and gingerbread people in her recall animation. But I think this is a unique twist on Evelynn making her more light-hearted and sweet.

It may not be so sweet when you see a flurry of sprinkles as she executes you with her R, or two strawberries lashing out at you from her E, but I like this take on Eve. Personally, my favorite part of this skin is her new W, as the heart marker looks like its melting and then like it drips over your head if you fill it up. I would for sure recommend adding this to your collection I know I will be.

The third new skin is Ziggs for 1350 RP. This one looks a bit weird with the lollypop eyes and the giant bomb cupcake. Yet I do think it’s funny that the bombs are now cakes and you can throw the at champions which is good for a laugh.

Just be aware the even bigger flying cupcake from his R has he rains down sugary doom. While it’s cool to see Ziggs get a new skin, I wish he didn’t get this one. Skins are often an excuse to play more of a champion. If that’s any indicator I think the next couple weeks will see a lot of this annoying champion.

The final new Sugar Rush skin in this line goes to Zilean for 1350 RP. This is a champion that could really use a new skin, so it’s good he got one.

The clock is made of cookies, he’s got bonbon time bombs and even an oven for a recall animation. Unfortunately, I feel like this is probably my least favorite of the lot because, like Ziggs, I hate playing against him.

Like I don’t see how both of those two champions escaped our list of the most hated champions to play against, but I know these are two of my personal most annoying champions. I think with the Sugar Rush skins being worth it for both champions I expect to see them a lot during League of Legends play.

I think Riot did a good job on these skins. Support mains should be happy with two different options and Ziggs and Zilean mains can be happy with a new skin after waiting for a while. Evelynn and Braum players can be happy for an additional great skin in their lineups as well.

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I absolutely recommend spending the RP to pick these up. Sugar rush to the RP store and buy them today!