League of Legends: Top five Supports on Patch 9.24

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Patch 9.24 will be live on League of Legends servers for one more week! Grab your free LP quickly using this list of top supports on the current patch!

When looking to single-handedly carry games and snatch free wins in League of Legends, the support role is probably the worst option to main alongside top lane. That being said, there are a bunch of strong champion choices in the current meta that can be utilized to dominate the bottom lane and snowball to victory, five of which are listed here:

5 Janna

Heals and shields are back on the menu for Season 10 as the “enchanter” supports find themselves rising up the tier list and slowly making their mark on the current competitive climate. Karma, Lulu, and Nami lie just below Janna in terms of win rate, illustrating the shift in gameplay in the most volatile lane on Summoner’s Rift.

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Despite not receiving buffs since Patch 9.11, Janna now boasts the second-highest win rate of all supports on Patch 9.24. Janna’s impressive 53.59% win rate on the current patch is a product of her long-range poke in the early levels, plus her peel and enchanting in skirmishes and mid-game team fights.

The secret to carrying with the Storm’s Fury is to view her as a “back-to-basics” support champion. In the laning phase, look to auto-attack melee supports and create a health advantage to threaten all-ins and accrue a CS lead. Then in the later stages, look to peel for your AD Carry through intelligent uses of Howling Gale and Monsoon, while also amplifying their damage with Eye of the Storm.

4 Soraka

Soraka is extremely similar to Janna. Her peel options are her Equinox silence and Starcall slow, and she heals her ADC rather than shielding them. Raka also has an incredibly high 53.75% win rate on Patch 9.24, despite not receiving significant changes since Patch 9.15.

The only real difference between Soraka and Janna is how you play the two champions. Due to her immense healing capabilities, Soraka is more likely to be targeted by enemy crowd control and could even be the focus of the team fight. For that reason, you need to master positioning in the late game, finding the sweet spot of being out of range of enemy hooks/stuns, while also remaining in range to heal your teammates.

3 Blitzcrank

Perhaps surprisingly, Blitzcrank makes it onto the list of the top five supports on Patch 9.24 even with his one-dimensional play style. Hook, knock-up, kill. Hook, knock-up, kill. You’d think people would know how to play against him by now.

Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped Blitz Rocket Grabbing his way to a 51.57% win rate in the current meta, accompanied by similarly high 9.3% and 15.2% pick/ban rates. The priority on Blitzcrank could be put down to autofilled players picking a familiar support, or low elo players prying on vulnerable AD Carries that can’t dodge skillshots, but for now we’ll believe he’s a strong pick thanks to the ability to lock down an enemy carry and find picks in the mid-game.

2 Leona

For the countless consecutive patch, Leona and Nautilus top the charts when it comes to support champions. Their reliable crowd control, engage tools, and inherent tanky stats make them perfect support options in the current meta and it comes as no surprise that their dominance has continued into 2020.

As it stands, Leona will have a huge presence on the competitive climate in Season 10. Her ability to lock down a single target with a quick Zenith Blade + Shield of Daybreak combo makes her ideal for the laning phase, plus her long-range engage ultimate Solar Flare is an excellent tool to kick-off late game team fights.

Unless nerfs hit her hard on Patch 10.1, it’s likely we’ll see Leona’s 51.20% win rate and 12.5% pick rate increase over the coming weeks leading up to competitive play in mid-January.

1 Nautilus

Naut is the second CC bot on this list, and much like Leona, he could be wreaking havoc over competitive play on Season 10 if left unchecked over the next few patches.

51.10% win rate, 13.8% pick rate, 31.6% ban rate. That’s all you need to appreciate how highly prioritized Nautilus is in the current meta and how often we’ll be seeing him in the support role in January if he doesn’t receive significant nerfs.

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What’s your favorite support in the current meta? Do you have an answer to the Leona-Nautilus problem? Let us know in the comments!