TFT: Predicting the Origins and Champions in Set 3

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
Star Guardian Neeko. League of Legends
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Riot Games announced that TFT Set 3 will be coming in mid-March so we are speculating which champions we might be seeing again!

With today’s announcement that TFT Set 3 is coming in just a couple of months, Riot Games has sent the Teamfight Tactics universe into a frenzy speculating which new units, Classes, and Origins might be coming to the Arena. While we know some of the champions and skins that are very likely to be featured in Set 3, we thought it would be a good time to wildly speculate about what other units we could see in the next set!

All-but confirmed units

Odyssey Jinx
Star Guardian Poppy
Pulsefire Shen

From these four units, teased in the TFT Set 3 reveal today, we can glean a lot of information about how the next set will be structured. All four of these champions were units in Set 1, so it’s highly likely those classes will be back including Blademaster (Fiora/Shen), Gunslinger (Jinx), Knight (TFT). However, I would expect to see some slight variations to make these Classes somewhat more futuristic/space-focused, but let’s assume that the Classes will just be brought back as they were in Set 1.

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These champions also give us four types of units that we’re likely to see in Set 3, aka the Origins. Those would be (and I’m completely making up the titles of Origins here) Upgraded (Fiora), Explorer (Odyssey Jinx), Celestial (Star Guardian Poppy), and Futuristic (Pulsefire Shen). I won’t even begin to speculate how those Origins might work, but from those skin lines here are some other units that I think will be pretty good bets to appear in Set 3.

Strong likelihood to be units


Master Yi

Star Guardian





Twisted Fate

Now there are of course different ways this could go (i.e. Yasuo could be in PROJECT instead of Odyssey, Ezreal could be in Star Guardian instead of Pulsefire) but these are the champions I think are quite likely to be in Set 3. So we have a bunch of units that have already been in TFT. So these champions fit a ton of existing Classes in TFT Sets 1 and 2 as well as adding some completely new units we’ve never seen in TFT like Riven and Kayn.

While these are intriguing possibilities, this still only gives us four Origins to fill out a ton of Classes, so how are we going to fill out the rest of Set 3’s roster? Not to worry, for I have come up with at least five other skin lines/champion types that could create their own Origins as well.

Units that fit thematically


Alien Invader Heimerdinger

I think these champions just thematically fit the “alien” part of the outer-space theme that Set 3 appears to be teasing. None of them fit into the already-revealed skin lines that will be featured, meaning these champions could just be used with their base skins.

Whether the Void is technically an alien realm or another dimension aside, I think these would be great additions to Set 3. We’ve also seen all of them in TFT except for Vel’Koz and Heimer, so they’d fit the existing classes quite easily.

Dark Star/Black Hole

Dark Star Jarvan
Dark Star Karma
Dark Star Orianna
Dark Star Shaco
Dark Star Varus
Dark Star Thresh

Kha’Zix and Cho’gath would also fit this line, but I think they’d be better off as part of the “alien” theme. I think these champions could also fit that alien theme, but I’d like to see Riot take the theme of champions from beyond even the reaches of space and give them a unique space in TFT.

Super Galaxy/Celestial

Aurelion Sol
Super Galaxy Annie
Super Galaxy Fizz
Super Galaxy Gnar
Super Galaxy Kindred
Super Galaxy Nidalee
Super Galaxy Rumble
Super Galaxy Shyvana

On the other hand, we have these units which could be the literal space gods (including our OG space doggie ASol) who join the cosmic conflict of Set 3. In general, I think Aurelion Sol has to be in a TFT set that’s themed around outer space, so this is definitely a grouping that I could see being a part of the next TFT set.

Cosmic Fighters

Cosmic Blade Master Yi
Cosmic Dawn Rakan
Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao
Cosmic Dusk Xayah
Cosmic Queen Ashe

I think this grouping could easily flex into any of the three I’ve already mentioned, but they would also work really well as their own “Cosmic” Origin. In general, these would be more of defenders of the cosmos ala the Guardians of the Galaxy. This could be a group that potentially overlaps with the Odyssey champions as well.


Mecha Aatrox
Mecha Malphite
Mecha Rengar
Mecha Zero Sion
Mecha Kingdoms Draven
Mecha Kingdoms Garen
Mecha Kingdoms Leona
Mecha Kingdoms Jax
Mecha Kingdoms Sett

Yes, you can also flex Kha’Zix and Aurelion Sol into this grouping through their Mecha skins, but again I think they are better-served in other groupings. I think the Mecha Origin is almost guaranteed to happen because it will just a few months after the release of the Mecha Kingdoms skins and Sett. This is a great way to introduce both to TFT players who aren’t always up-to-date on what’s happening with League of Legends proper.


Lunar Guardian Leona
Lunar Empress Lux
Lunar Goddess Diana
Lunar Guardian Nasus
Lunar Guardian Warwick
Lunar Wraith Caitlyn
Lunar Wraith Morgana
Lunar Wraith Sylas

This Origin is already featured in TFT Set 2, but I think it could easily fit the space theme of Set 3 as well. Plus, it brings an opportunity to finally shut people up who were complaining that Diana isn’t a Lunar in Set 2.

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Which champions will we see?

There are still plenty of other space/futuristic skins that we could see in Set 3 (stuff like Battlecast or God-King, for instance). However, the above champions and skin combos are the ones I think are most likely for us to see. If I was a betting man, I would anticipate that the 50 units we see are as follows:

  1. PROJECT: Fiora
  2. Odyssey Jinx
  3. Pulsefire Shen
  4. Star Guardian Poppy
  5. PROJECT: Master Yi
  6. PROJECT: Vayne
  7. PROJECT: Pyke
  8. Odyssey Yasuo
  9. Odyssey Kayn
  10. Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao
  11. Cosmic Dusk Xayah
  12. Cosmic Dawn Rakan
  13. Aphelios
  14. Cosmic Queen Ashe
  15. Pulsefire Ezreal
  16. Pulsefire Caitlyn
  17. Pulsefire Riven
  18. Pulsefire Twisted Fate
  19. Star Guardian Ahri
  20. Star Guardian Neeko
  21. Star Guardian Zoe
  22. Star Guardian Lulu
  23. Star Guardian Lux
  24. Star Guardian Janna
  25. Mecha Malphite
  26. Mecha Kingdoms Sett
  27. Rumble
  28. Mecha Kingdoms Jax
  29. Mecha Kingdoms Garen
  30. Mecha Kingdoms Draven
  31. Lunar Goddess Diana
  32. Lunar Wraith Sylas
  33. Lunar Wraith Morgana
  34. Lunar Guardian Nasus
  35. Aurelion Sol
  36. Super Galaxy Shyvana
  37. Super Galaxy Fizz
  38. Super Galaxy Kindred
  39. Super Galaxy Nidalee
  40. Super Galaxy Annie
  41. Super Galaxy Gnar
  42. Vel’Koz
  43. Dark Star Gho’Gath
  44. Dark Star Thresh
  45. Dark Star Orianna
  46. Dark Star Varus
  47. Alien Invader Heimerdinger
  48. Kha’Zix
  49. Rek’Sai
  50. Kog’Maw