TFT: Riot Games Announces Release Dates for Set 3 and TFT Mobile

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
League of Legends/Riot Games
League of Legends/Riot Games /

Riot Games continues to roll out the surprises this week, announcing TFT Mobile’s release date and some teases about Set 3.

Back when Riot Games first teased a possible release date for TFT Mobile by the end of May at the latest, I was sure that time frame would be the outer-most boundary of when we could expect to get a working version in our hands. Today, Riot made a dummy out of me by announcing that TFT Mobile will be going live in mid-March.

That’s right, Tacticians, you’ll finally be able to play TFT from your phone or tablet in just a few months time. TFT Mobile will be cross-platform, meaning you’ll get to compete with or against players on PC and it will be available for Apple and Android products.

Now get your best Billy Mays impressions ready because wait, there’s more! Riot also confirmed something that I speculated way back when the TFT Mobile timeline was first teased: TFT Mobile will drop around the same time as TFT Set 3! And even better, Riot gave us some quick keyword teases as to what we can expect regarding the theme and units of Set 3!

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The thematic tease includes references to several champions and skin lines, notably PROJECT: Fiora, Odyssey Jinx, Star Guardian Poppy, and Pulsefire Shen, so it’s a fairly good guess that those champions will be appearing in Set 3 (and note that all four were units back in Set 1, so we’ll have to see if their abilities will remain the same or be updated like Volibear’s was from Set 1 to Set 2). The theme seems to be an outer space theme, with champions traveling to another planet or dimension, meaning the PROJECT world!

While PROJECT, Odyssey, Starguardian, and Pulsefire were the only skin lines teased, I’d imagine that the Cosmic, Dark Star, Galactic/Galaxy Slayer, Lunar Guardian/Wraith, and Super Galaxy would be good bets to also be featured. Skin lines like Arcade, Battle Boss, Battlecast, Blood Moon, Cosmic Dawn, Dawnbringer, Eternum, God-King, Hextech, Mecha/Mecha Kingdoms, Program, or even K/DA or True Damage skin lines could fit this outer space/otherworldly theme!

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What are you most excited about from today’s TFT announcement?