League of Legends: Top five AD Carries on Patch 10.1

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Just over a week into Patch 10.1, we’ve taken a look at the best AD Carries in League of Legends right now. Here’s our top five.

League of Legends has entered its tenth season which means we’re now into our tenth year of AD Carries complaining about their role! Despite uproar and noise coming from marksman mains recently concerning their role being weak, there are still a few strong champions in the bot lane capable of carrying games.

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Right now, games are seemingly decided in the mid game around the dragon pit as teams clash to pick up early Elemental Dragons for combat buffs and to set up for a Dragon Soul later in the game. This means that ADCs are as important as ever with a lot of focus on getting lane priority and setting up opportunities to push for neutral objectives.

Every champion in this top five have some form of early game focus and are well-suited to a pushing bot lane.

While some are stronger than others, and they have to compete with the broken Aphelios, there are undoubtedly plenty of options to choose from as an ADC right now.

5) Caitlyn

Caitlyn is the Queen of bot lane priority, establishing a pushing minion wave, and punishing an opponent for stepping too far up. It is these qualities that have allowed her to climb up the bot lane tier list in recent months and reach over 20% pick and ban rates, as well as a strong 50.83% win rate.

If you’re planning to pick Caitlyn in your upcoming solo queue games, it’s important to remember to abuse her early game power utilizing long-range abilities (Piltover Peacemaker and Yordle Snap Trap procs) and auto attack range to poke your opponent down to low HP.

When pushing the enemy under tower, be sure to concentrate on the map state, particularly the positioning of both junglers to maintain safety so far up the lane.

4) Jhin

At number FOUR is Jhin, an almost forgotten champion throughout Season 9 who has now returned to the ADC champion pool early in 2020.

Once again, it’s all about lane priority and the ability to team up with an aggressive support to all-in lane opponents whenever possible and shut them down with crowd control and a final Whisper bullet.

At 51.78%, Jhin currently has the third-highest win rate of any AD Carry on Patch 10.1 and is becoming quite the popular pick with a 16.7% play rate. To make the most out of Jhin in the current meta, keep your distance initially to root champions with Deadly Flourish, then get in range and use Whisper’s movement speed to dodge incoming CC and charging assassins/bruisers.

And ensure you know how to count to FOUR.

3) Senna

Unsurprisingly, Senna continues to wreak havoc in a role she was never really intended for. Adding an increasing attack range and AD on her passive, as well as high base damage, AS WELL AS high AD ratios on every ability was only going to end one way.

However, that’s not what we’re here for. We’re here to get excited about her crazy 52.23% win rate that suggests you should almost definitely pick her if she’s foolishly left unbanned in champion select.

Learn her spell rotation to maximize DPS and if you ever get caught, just press E! Curse of the Black Mist is one of the most bonkers spells in League of Legends right now and will effortlessly guide you to safety if things ever look rough.

2) Miss Fortune

Yet another member of the “win lane, win game” club, Miss Fortune is miles above the competition right now with a 52.71% win rate on Patch 10.1. Her ability to chunk her lane opponents down to half HP with a single well-timed Double Up is impossible to contend with and allows her to control the laning phase with ease.

When facing MF, avoid dying minions at all costs, even if it means giving up some CS. Instead, allow yourself to fall slightly behind in farm and wait for your jungler’s assistance to shut the Bounty Hunter down. With no escapes in her kit, it should be a simple task to run down the lane, land some CC, and either pick up a free kill or blow Summoner Spells for a repeat gank.

1) Aphelios

It’s no secret, Aphelios is a broken mess. His early game damage is unmatched, and he can blow you up with the press of a single key in the mid-to-late game. Not only that, his kit remains confusing to 90% of players.

Despite this, the Lunari marksman has somehow fallen to a sub-50% win rate on patch 10.1 as it seems players of every elo are first-picking the champion in solo queue without reading the 500-page guide on how to operate his bizarre kit.

It’s been revealed that Aphelios will be hit with a second lot of nerfs on Patch 10.2, so perhaps it’s worth waiting until next week to learn the champion. For now, though, it would be wise to ban him in solo queue and instead go towards one of the other four options on this list.

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Do you agree with this top five? Are there any ADC champions you’re finding success with in League of Legends right now? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!