TFT: Everything Riot Games Revealed About the New Galaxy Mechanic

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Riot Games revealed the newest mechanic coming to TFT in Set 3: Galaxies. Here’s what they are and what they could mean for the game.

TFT Set 3 is likely less than a month away (along with the long-awaited full release of TFT Mobile!) and the teasers have already begun. Today, Riot Games gave us a big reveal regarding the newest mechanic coming to Set 3. Called “Galaxies” the new mechanic is going to make every game of TFT feel completely unique and different.

What are the Galaxies?

Galaxies are a brand new mechanic coming to this next Set, which will alter the game more than the new Elemental Hexes that Riot brought to TFT in Set 2. Galaxies will introduce certain brand new rule sets to games, with players being forced to adapt.

"For example, on Galaxy you might travel to is the Neekoverse Galaxy, where everyone starts with two Neeko’s Help items ready to go. With everyone having this advantage, it becomes about making strategic decisions around when and how to use those Neekos…Another Galaxy you might travel to is the “4-cost-carousel” Galaxy (the name is a work in progress), where the first carousel is entirely four-cost champions."

We can see how the Galaxies mechanic is an evolution from the Elemental Hexes. In Set 2, these Hexes would give specific champions bonuses and also impact some of the units on the board (like Qiyana), but every player in the game would have the same opportunity to use these Hexes to their advantage. Galaxies do that as well but will provide an advantage to your team as a whole that all players will have access to.

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Riot Games says their goal is to create games that feel more diverse (this was also the goal of Set 2’s Elemental Hexes) so that it’s harder to simply min/max the ideal comp based on the guides available. As I’ve said before, I do think there is value to being able to know and optimize the best comps available, but I do like this approach that Riot is taking to forcing more adaptation. The Galaxies won’t be revealed until you get in-game, so players will have to adapt on the fly.

What kinds of Galaxies are there?

In the announcement, Riot noted that there could end up being as many as 10 different Galaxies, with new Galaxies being introduced (or removed) throughout Set 3. They’ve already revealed two, the Neekoverse and the “4-cost-carousel” Galaxies, so that means there could be five or ten more. While we don’t know what these other Galaxies could be, here are a few options that I think could be perfectly viable.

  • An “item only carousel” Galaxy
  • A “no PvE round” Galaxy
  • A Galaxy where mana regens much slower or faster than normal
  • An “URF” Galaxy where spells constantly coming off cooldown
  • A Galaxy with a much smaller board (maybe half the size of the regular board)
  • A “Communist” Galaxy where players don’t make interest or get bonus gold for win/lose streaking (you only get the base five gold per round)
  • A “Casino” Galaxy where you can gamble your gold or units for upgrades

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Let us know what types of Galaxies you think would be cool to have in the comments!