TFT: Theorycrafting the Best Comps for Set 3 Release

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Less than a week away from the release of TFT Set 3, we theorycraft what some good comps could be.

TFT Set 3 is on the PBE and many (luckier) players have already gotten their chance to play through all the new champions, Origins, and Classes to come up with the best combos and comps. While I, unfortunately, haven’t gotten the chance to get hands-on experience, I have been able to catch a few streams which informed my Set 3 champion rankings and the Origin and Class rankings. With those in mind, here are a few comps that I could see being strong when Set 3 goes live:


Units: Ziggs, Rumble, Annie, Gangplank, Fizz

Demolitionists and Mech-Pilots are going to be two of the strongest synergies. Luckily, they both share one unit, Rumble, to link the two traits and form an easy comp.

Unfortunately, neither of these traits synergize particularly well (i.e. having Demolitionist doesn’t really boost the effectiveness of the other Mech-Pilots). You’re picking these for the raw strength of the unit synergies and the fact that it has one of the strongest carry units in the game – Gangplank. Plus, it only requires five units so you can add on another synergistic minor comp like Mystics, Chronos, or Space Pirates.

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However, you should be aware that this is a very late game-focused comp. Not only is the primary carry a 5-cost unit, but only one of the units within are 1 or 2-cost (Ziggs is a 1 cost). That means you’re going to have to transition into this from another early-game comp or level early.


Units: Graves, Ezreal, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Thresh, Shen, Wukong

This is a great mix of offensive (Jinx, Miss Fortune), defensive (Thresh, Wukong), and utility (Shen, Graves). Having the Chrono buff on auto-attackers like Jinx and Graves is going to be immensely helpful, and this comp also allows you to get powerful units in the late game like MF and Thresh onto your team.

This comp is also great in that it features units with diverse costs. Graves is a 1-cost unit, while Shen is a 2-cost unit. There are also several other 1 and 2-cost units (Catilyn, Blitzcrank, Lucian) that can fit into this comp early so you can smoothly transition from them into your more powerful units later.

Star Guardian/Sorcerer

Units: Vel’Koz, Twisted Fate, Lux, Annie, Ahri, Zoe, Soraka, Lulu

These two traits have a lot of overlapping units, including Ahri, Zoe, and Syndra so it seems only natural that this synergy would be one that would work well when TFT’s Set 3 drops. While I’ve said that Star Guardian is probably one of the weaker Origins, Sorcerer is probably going to be one of the stronger Classes.

With a full 6 Sorcerer and Star Guardians/Mystics to prop them up, this should be a fairly solid comp to build. Also, importantly, there are at least two 1-cost units in this comp (Twisted Fate and Zoe) and two other 2-cost units (Ahri and Annie), so this comp will ramp up over the course of a TFT match.


Units: Master Yi, Shen, Irelia, Yasuo, Kayle, Xayah, Thresh, Kassadin

Like with Chrono and Blasters, we have a mix of offensive and defensive units on here, but we also get the benefit of Chrono buffing mostly auto-attacking carries. On top of that, we have easy units that bridge all three comps (Shen bridges Chrono to Blademaster, Thresh bridges Mana-Reaver to Chrono, and Irelia bridges Blademaster to Mana-Reaver) so this comp fits together nicely.

That being said, this one is a bit more on the late-scaling side, with the primary carries like Master Yi, Thresh, Irelia, and Kassadin all being 3-cost units or higher. Luckily, there are at least a few 1 and 2-cost units that you can build around early.


Units: Lulu, Xayah, Rakan, Kassadin, Irelia, Shen, Thresh

This is really more of a single-carry comp built around Xayah. You have four Celestials devoted to keeping her alive through healing, shields, and CC, along with Mana-Reavers (Irelia/Thresh) providing utility by decreasing enemy spell use.

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I would say this comp is far more niche and is going to be something you go if you can hyper-roll Xayah. She’s one of the few 1 or 2-cost units that I really think are worth hyper-rolling in Set 3 (the others being TF, Yasuo, and potentially Zoe).