LCS Spring Split 2020: Final Team Power Rankings

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games.
Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games. /
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While the playoff bracket isn’t fully set, with each team having played their 18 regular-season games, we give our final LCS power rankings of the Spring Split.

The LCS Spring Split regular-season is (un)officially over. Even though the last teams to make playoffs haven’t yet qualified and there are still tiebreakers to be played for seeding and to determine which of the three 8-10 teams, Golden Guardians, Immortals, and Dignitas, will be the sixth team to clinch the playoffs, we are at the end of the road.

With each team having played their full 18-game schedule, we are giving our final power rankings team-by-team and lamenting the seasons that could have been. Our Week 9 power rankings are ahead!

10. CLG (3-10)

Preseason elo: 383
Final elo: 237 (+1)

Man was I wrong about this team coming into the split. I thought with Wiggily coming off an insane Summer Split performance and the upgrade of Crown in the mid lane, this team would be a true contender. Instead, it’s been an unmitigated disaster for CLG.

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Crown underperformed (to put it mildly) and was replaced halfway through the split by Pobelter, who did admirably in his place. Their weak bot lane duo was exposed, Ruin was uneven throughout the split, and Wiggily wasn’t able to carry the load. Look for this team to make serious roster changes coming into summer.

9. Team Liquid (7-11)

Preseason elo: 487
Final elo: 333 (-6)

It’s truly staggering that this team, who return four out of the five players who won four-straight LCS titles, not only couldn’t break .500 in the Spring Split but missed the playoffs entirely. I don’t care to hear about how well they played C9 in their last game of the split, only to come up just short. I don’t want to hear about Broxah‘s visa, Doublelift‘s lack of motivation, their poor off-season preparation, or whatever issues the team offers us.

This was the worst collapse in the history of the LCS. Period.

With the talent on this roster, with how inconsistent every other team in the LCS was this year, there is no world where this team shouldn’t at least be in the playoffs. Even when TSM fell off from greatness they still made the playoffs. And they overhauled 3/5 of their roster, not just replacing one player.

While fans are going to point the finger at coaches Cain and Dodo (I would expect their heads to be on a platter in front of Steve soon), I’d point my anger squarely at the players. Four of them played together for an entire year and two (Doublelift and Impact) have been together for two years. This is the same coaching staff from those titles, so the implication of this collapse is that either Xmithie was the most valuable player on this team and no one realized it…or maybe just that TL was never that great a team.

8. Immortals (8-10)

Preseason elo: 345
Final elo: 335

I’m happy that I just about pegged Immortals correctly in the pre-season, picking them to finish ninth when they eventually finished tied for eighth. Of course, I and others couldn’t have fathomed that the rest of the LCS teams would be this inconsistent and allow teams like Immortals to pick up wins they probably didn’t deserve.

I mean, take away those two late game wins over TSM and this team is out of the playoff picture. Their record against the five confirmed playoff teams is 3-7, with two of those wins being against TSM. Immortals are not a team that is built to go far in playoffs, and they still have work to do to even make it in.

7. Golden Guardians (8-10)

Preseason elo: 354
Final elo: 350

Another team I pretty much nailed, Golden Guardians got tons of help to even pull themselves into a tie for that final playoff spot, including Immortals losing both games and them being able to beat FlyQuest. Golden Guardians will end up being the final boss for the playoffs, as Dignitas and Immortals will battle it out before playing GGS for the right to make the playoffs as the sixth seed.

Golden Guardians are actually 2-0 against Dignitas this year and 1-1 against Immortals, which gives them a pretty good chance at making the playoffs regardless of who they face. If they make it, though, I don’t think GGS is going to have much of a chance going deep.

6. Dignitas (8-10)

Preseason elo: 349
Final elo: 372

In my estimation, Dignitas is the strongest of the three teams heading into the tiebreaker on Monday. They clawed their way back into the playoffs with two strong performances against Immortals and TSM, proving that their early-season showing wasn’t just a flash-in-the-pan.

While, as mentioned above, Dignitas doesn’t have a single win against Golden Guardians this year (who they will have to go through to make playoffs), they are 2-0 against their first opponent Immortals. Dignitas are in a great position to make the playoffs if they can string together another strong showing (and if Huni keeps up that same level of play he showed this weekend).