TFT Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Shredder Comp

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

A new TFT Guide is here to break down one of the most powerful Blademaster comps in Patch 10.9, the Shredder comp.

Patch 10.9 continues to be one of the most diverse metas in Teamfight Tactics, with a new comp popping up seemingly every other day. No sooner had we come to adjust to life under the reign of the Candyland comp than a new kid on the block has risen to overtake it. In today’s TFT guide, we breakdown the Shredder comp.

What is the Shredder comp?

Core Comp: Xayah, Fiora, Shen, Jarvan, Rakan, Caitlyn, Ashe, Kassadin

This is a Celestial/Blademaster comp, focused around Xayah as the main carry. Originally, there was a very similar comp in Patch 10.9 called the Pikachu comp with Xayah building double Statik Shivs. However, that comp has fallen a bit by the wayside as new and improved itemization was discovered by Youtuber Edited for Your Pleasure.

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Like Candyland, this a hyper roll comp, meaning that you will need to find the key early game units like Xayah, Fiora, Jarvan, and Caitlyn. This comp also has no 4 or 5-cost units in the final comp (although you can swap some Blademaster for a Kayle if you desire and you should swap Ashe for Lulu), which means it will get out scaled eventually.

Like all hyper roll comps, this comp is heavily item-dependent. If you do not have at least one of Xayah’s core items after Krugs (before Round 3-1), you should abandon this comp. If you are in that position, go straight for a Chrono/Kayle comp.

What Are the Key Units and Items?

Xayah is the key unit you need to get to 3-stars, but you ideally want to get Jarvan to 3-star as well. Getting Caitlyn or Fiora to 3-stars is ideal, but not necessary.

For Xayah, she must have Last Whisper and Infinity Edge for this comp to function. This is where the “Shredder” moniker comes from, because the Last Whisper “shreds” the enemy’s armor, allowing Xayah and the other carries to do increased damage to tanks.

Any defensive items (Bramble Vest, ZZ’Rot Portal, Dragon’s Claw) should go on Jarvan or Rakan (especially good with Shojins or Morellos). You can also put excess items onto Fiora or Shen, then move them to Kayle or Irelia if you get to extreme late-game.

When Should You go the Shredder Comp?

As I said, you need the Last Whisper/Infinity Edge combo on Xayah, so there are a few narrow conditions that must be met to go this comp. At 3-1, when you are about to roll your gold, you need to have one of those items (or the components to build it) at least. Ideally, you want at least one and a half of those items done, plus good defensive items for Jarvan or just more attack speed for Xayah.

You also need to have at least 2-star Xayah, and ideally two copies of 2-star Xayah (or at least one copy off). If you have the other 1-stars to 2-stars at this point, that is a good start. Definitely check the other players’ boards during the Krug round to make sure multiple other players aren’t going after this comp with you.

If you don’t hit on 3-star Xayah after rolling all your gold on Round 3-1, you should consider going towards a Kayle-focused Blademaster comp. That’s not ideal, but it’s better than hoping you can hit more Xayahs as you’re already behind in levels.

How do You Counter this Comp?

The problem of facing the Shredder comp is that the traditional items that you’d build to counter it (Bramble Vest) will get destroyed by that Last Whisper/Infinity Edge combo. Frozen Heart becomes a decent buy into this comp, however it isn’t an item you will typically rush on your tanks (you’d hold the Chain Vest for a possible Bramble Vest and the Tear for a possible Seraph’s/Shojins).

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Against the Shredder comp, high burst tends to be your best bet to win. The longer that the fight goes on, the more these Blademasters will get their attack speed up, meaning more damage and healing. That also gives them more time to shred through your frontline tanks.

Infiltrators can be a decent option to counter the Shredders, but it’s less viable now that Shaco was nerfed. Sorcerers could also be good, but they are in a fairly weak spot now other than Candyland (and Poppy will get wrecked by this comp). The best option, in my opinion, is something like the Space Jam comp so that you can get one hyper carry to delete the enemy team in a one-shot.