TFT Guide: How to Navigate the Star Cluster Galaxy

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Our latest TFT guide shows you how to navigate one of the newest galaxies, the Star Cluster Galaxy.

In Patch 10.9, Riot introduced us to two brand new galaxies. We’ve already broken down one, the Treasure Trove Galaxy. Today, our TFT guide will break down the second of the new galaxies, the Star Cluster Galaxy.

What is the Star Cluster Galaxy?

In the Star Cluster Galaxy, all units on the Carousel that are 1, 2, or 3 gold will be at 2-stars when claimed. In addition, on the second Carousel (after Round 2-3) all the units are guaranteed to be 2-cost units.

How do you Play in the Star Cluster Galaxy?

Because the Star Cluster Galaxy gives you two guaranteed 2-star champions in the first two Carousel rounds, you need to change how you attack those two Carousels. Normally, your focus is purely on the item and how advantageous it could be to your prospective comp. However, in the Star Cluster Galaxy you should look at both the item and the champion.

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This is because you don’t want to sell a 2-star champion early if you can avoid it. Additionally, in these early rounds your comp is probably still not completely locked in, so your priority of items could change based on what your shop and PvE drops give you.

As a result, your best bet is to look for champions that have an item that synergizes well with them and the potential comp that champion would fit in (for instance, a Poppy with Chain Vest, a Malphite with Giant’s Belt, or a Fiora with Recurve Bow) and begin building out from there. You’d play out the rest of the TFT match normally, you’re just likely going to hold onto those low-cost Carousel units a bit longer.

On the third and fourth Carousels, however, you will have access to 4 and 5-cost units. These will be 1-star, so at this point you’ll have to choose whether getting a high-power 1-star is better for your comp than a lower-cost 2-star. My advice would be to try and get any item components you need regardless of the champion unless you need to 3-star and a low-cost champion can get you closer to that.

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As far as comps in the Star Cluster, the slow roll and hyper roll comps are well-supported in this galaxy because you can get those low and mid-cost units to 3-stars a bit easier. They also inject additional gold into your economy early for more re-rolls if you need to sell the Carousel items. In addition, comps that do well early like Cybernetics also become more powerful because you will get those early units at 2-stars, making them more powerful.

The only really bad comps in the Star Cluster are ones that require you to fast-push to Levels 8 or 9 to bring your comp online. You’re not getting as much additional gold as you would in some other galaxies and thus you could risk losing too much health before your comp finally gets rolling.