League of Legends: Why playing top lane Quinn will help you climb

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Playing Quinn is an easy way to climb the ranked ladder from the top lane

Have you ever faced a ranged top laner? Dealt with their endless poke? Been unable to match their wave clear and scaling? There are few experiences more frustrating in League of Legends than being a melee top laner matched against a ranged champion, so why not turn the tables and add Quinn to your own champion pool today.

As a ranged top laner, you have the ability to dictate the course of the laning phase, whether it be by poking your lane opponent relentlessly, out-farming them, or setting up a freeze for your jungler to gank. Quinn is capable of all three and she also has excellent all-in potential which could lead to some surprise kills during the laning phase, catching your opponent off-guard.

Although she failed to make our list of the 5 best top laners on Patch 10.10, Quinn boasts a remarkable 52.88% win rate in solo queue, the second-highest of any champion in her role. This is partly because she is a ranged top laner and this lends itself well to finding wins in solo queue, but her Patch 10.9 buffs also played a part, as her Blinding Assault nearsight duration was increased by 0.25 seconds.

Quinn’s versatility and mobility are key to winning solo queue games

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During the laning phase, Quinn’s strengths are obvious. Utilize her auto attack range to gain control of the lane, poking your opponent when necessary, but also maintaining a freeze to avoid being ganked. If the enemy jungler is likely in your vicinity and you’re under threat of a 1v2, cast Heightened Senses for a brief reveal of the surrounding area. Your (very achievable) goal is to leave the laning phase with a huge gold advantage, either from kills or a significant CS lead.

Upon reaching Level 6, Quinn is activated and can begin to impact other areas of the map by pushing her lane opponent under tower and casting Behind Enemy Lines. With this huge boost in movement speed, you can look to gank mid lane or join up with your jungler to invade or take down a Rift Herald. This ability also aids Quinn when rotating down to the south side of the map for dragon fights, although taking Teleport as a Summoner Spell is also advised.

Quinn has options in the late game depending on the game state. If she’s needed in team fights and her allies are on the backfoot she can look for flanks onto the enemy backline, using Blinding Assault to reduce a marksman’s DPS to zero and quickly burst them down. However, if her team is in a strong position she can instead look to split-push and force her opponents to respond or win the 1v1 with her lane opponent, using Vault to escape when in danger. The pressure of two lanes being pushed should be unbearable for the enemy team.

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Playing Quinn in the top lane is one of the most effective and efficient methods of climbing the solo queue ladder. The Demacian marksman can snowball games early by getting the better of her lane opponent through kills or CS, then spread this advantage across the map with the mobility provided by her ultimate. If she fails to do this, her 1.75 second blind is enough to shut down and blow up an enemy marksman in team fights, giving her team a huge numbers advantage to close out the game.