TFT Mid Set Update: Theorycrafting Possible Astro Comps

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

We look at one of the upcoming TFT traits, Astro, and predict what some good comps the champions would fit into.

With the news that two new traits will be joining Teamfight Tactics, we are abuzz with ideas and theories about how they and their new champions could fit into the existing TFT meta, or warp it entirely. To that end, even though we’re a full patch cycle away from Battlecast and Astro joining the galaxy, let’s try to predict their best TFT comps when they finally arrive, starting with Astros.

To do this, we’ll look at the compatibility the Astro trait has with the existing TFT traits (for instance, Chrono and Blademaster are two traits that synergize very well together) as well as which traits it overlaps with (Star Guardians have great overlap with Sorcerers). Let’s break down what each of the new comps does and which comps they might work in!

What the Astro Trait Does

Reduces your Astro champs’ mana costs by 30.

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What the Astro Traits Works With

This is an “internal” trait bonus, meaning it only affects those champions that have the Astro trait. That means that this comp would have to be the core of your comp to be effective or it would have to be an add-on in certain comps. The problem is that this limits the traits it could work with because it won’t ever be effective with 6-unit comps.

For instance, let’s say you wanted to go 6 Chrono. To add the Astro trait to the comp, you’d have to level to 9 (or get Force of Nature). But we have to wonder whether adding this trait is even worth it when the bonus doesn’t help your other six units?

Instead, you’re probably either going to consider Astro as an early game comp to be swapped out in the late game, or you build around the comp. To that end, comps like Mystics, Snipers, Demolitionists, Vanguards, or just throwing in two of the other external traits (like Chronos, which affect the whole roster) would be ideal.

What Traits the Champions Overlap With

In the Astro lineup, we have four champions (you need three to activate the trait bonus). Here are the four and their other trait:

  • Nautilus (Vanguard)
  • Bard (Mystic)
  • Gnar (Brawler)
  • Teemo (Sniper)

Right off the bat, this is some good news because all of these champions have synergies that they can easily add onto to form a cohesive comp independent of their Astro trait (meaning you can throw Bard into any comp if you need a mystic). However, if we’re building an Astro comp, we’d likely need to leverage the two 4-cost units – Teemo and Gnar – as the primary carries. Bard or Nautilus would round out the Astros, depending on the type of damage other players are building, available items, or which one you can find the most of.

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Potential comps

Here are the potential comps that I could see working for Astros (this is pure theorycrafting). Note, an asterisk (*) denotes the champions you would prioritize putting items on.

Astro/Celestial: Teemo (*), Gnar, Bard, Lulu, Ashe (*), Xayah, Xin Zhao/Rakan
Astro/Brawlers: Gnar (*), Teemo, Nautilus, Malphite, Blitzcrank, Vi, Jayce (*)
Astro-Pirates: Gnar (*), Teemo (*), Bard/Nautilus, Jayce, Graves, GP (*), Darius
Astro-Snipers: Teemo (*), Gnar, Bard, Caitlyn, Ashe, Jhin (*), Karma