TFT Guide: How to Navigate the Littler Little Legends Galaxy

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Shrink down in our latest TFT guide as we show you how to navigate the microscopic world of the Littler Little Legends Galaxy.

Our latest TFT guide is going to be a little smaller than normal in order to keep with the theme of Teamfight Tactics’ newest galaxy. Today, we will show you how to navigate the Littler Little Legends Galaxy.

What is the Littler Little Legends Galaxy?

The Littler Little Legends Galaxy is basically the exact opposite of the Medium Legends Galaxy. Instead of your Little Legends being bigger and slower, here your Little Legends get shrunk down and are much faster.

In addition, your health pool is shrunk in this new galaxy, down from 100 health to 85 health. Health losses are still calculated the same, but now you have less of a buffer should you go on a losing streak.

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How do you Play in the Littler Little Legends Galaxy?

Whereas other galaxies tend to give players more units (the Star Cluster Galaxy, Trade Sector, and Neekoverse), items (Galactic Armory and Treasure Trove), or resources to acquire gold (Lilac Nebula, Treasure Trove, and Trade Sector), this galaxy actually takes away those resources. Whereas in the Medium Legends Galaxy you have more time to acquire gold and units thanks to the increased health pool, in this galaxy you will have less.

This means that comps that spike early on are going to be critical here, as you have less time to acquire gold, items, and high cost units. It’s less likely that you’re going to be able to level to 7 or 8 without losing the majority of your health pool, so playing for items that revolve around 4 and 5-cost units is out the window.

Hyper roll and slow roll comps are going to be your best bet to dominate in the Littler Little Legends. In addition, comps like Mech-Pilots that aren’t reliant on getting the 4 and 5-cost units before they become powerful are going to be good compositions in this galaxy.

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One other consideration when forming your team comp is that you will want to combine items much earlier than you normally would. Because you have a much lower health pool to play with in this galaxy, you really can’t afford to sit one several component items waiting to find their ideal combination.

Instead, you should focus on combining items that will work on almost all champions in the meta comps. For instance, items like Guardian Angel, Titan’s Resolve, Ionic Spark, Seraph’s Embrace, and Morellonomicon are all items that you can fit onto someone in just about all of the meta comps. Make sure you are combining your items early and not waiting until you’re on the brink of elimination to finally get that Guinsoo’s Rageblade you’ve been searching for.