League of Legends: Ranking Every Single Ezreal Skin

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Ezreal is one of the most popular ADCs in League of Legends, so we’re ranking all of his skins so you can rock the best one in your next game.

Ezreal has become one of the most-known champions in all of League of Legends. He’s been featured in countless high-end skin collections and recently was featured in one of the game’s big cinematics.

With thirteen skins to choose from, ADCs have a ton of great options to choose for the Prodigal Explorer when they play their next game of League. But which of these skins is the best one for you to don the next time you hit the Rift?

13. Explorer Ezreal

Price: 750 RP

Not only does this skin come with zero new animations, it also looks ugly as all hell. I mean, come on Riot you couldn’t even make our man look like Indiana Jones instead of going for this generic miner-looking dude? Plus, it’s expensive for providing so little, so hard pass.

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12. Frosted Ezreal

Price: 520 RP

At least the Frosted skin has the decency to charge very little money for the basic skin it is. Here’s Ezreal, he’s blue, his hand has an icicle in it. You want more? Spend more RP!

11. Nottingham Ezreal

Price: 520 RP

No unique animations, but at least it’s a cheap skin with some nice detail in it (the boots are pretty nice). If you’re into Robin Hood cosplay, you could do a lot worse.

10. Striker Ezreal

Price: 520 RP

Maybe I’m just a bit of a sucker for the nostalgia of days when Riot made skins for big world sporting events, but I dig the goalie-look they have on the skin here. Luckily, the cost is fair for how little else you get with the skin.

9. Debonair Ezreal

Price: 750 RP

This is one of the three Ezreal skins where you really don’t get anything cool as far as new animations or effects and they’re more expensive, but the design is cool enough it’s worth spending the extra RP. If you want our boy looking dapper, this is a decent skin for a not-terrible price.

8. Ace of Spade Ezreal

Price: 750 RP

Yes, there are some slight changes to his ability effects (making them blue instead of yellow), which is why this tops the Debonair skin. However, that’s just not enough to offset the fact that the rest of the skin’s design is pretty “meh.”

7. TPA Ezreal

Price: 750 RP

While the skin doesn’t have new animations, the design is just so cool. I love seeing him rocking that foam finger, it just looks cool. Plus it’s a nice callback to the Season 2 World Champions, Taipei Assassins and their ADC BeBe who got to pick this skin!

6. Pajama Guardian Ezreal

Price: 1350 RP

I’m gonna be honest, I think this skin looks really stupid. Yes, it has a bunch of new animations and the design is nice, but man alive the champion just looks dumb. If you don’t and you like Ez in cute footsy pajamas, go right ahead but personally, I think Star Guardian is a way better cute skin.

5. Arcade Ezreal

Price: 1350 RP

You guys know I love the Arcade skins. It’s the reason I had Arcade Ahri as my number one on her own skin ranking. Unfortunately, that is not the case for Ezreal.

For some reason, the 8-bit animations just don’t work as well for him as they do for Ahri or Riven. The champion looks awkward like Riot just tried to force him into the theme. It feels forced, not like there are elements of the skin that fit with the arcade theme naturally, which is a real shame.

4. Pulsefire Ezreal

Price: 3250 RP

This is a beautiful skin and I have absolutely no qualms with anyone who lists it as their favorite. The futuristic/Iron Man feel Ezreal has in this skin is awesome and it comes with plenty of new animations to match.

That said, this is one of the most expensive skins in the game and I’m sorry to say that I think there are other skins that are just plain better. The low ranking is purely an economic calculation, not a knock on the quality of the skin.

3. Star Guardian Ezreal

Price: 1350 RP

I love the design of the skin and the particle effects of little stars trailing off of his auto attack. The only reason that this isn’t ranked even higher is that it doesn’t have any new animations that make this skin really solidly worth buying.

3. SSG Ezreal

Price: 1350 RP

Commemorating the 2017 World Champions Samsung Galaxy and their substitute jungler (yes, jungler) Haru, I love this skin. Not only are the particle animations clean and it comes with a few new animations (including the recall with Haru’s signature) it’s best aspect is the ult. When you ult, you’ll see the SSG logo emblazoned on the projectile, which is just plain amazing.

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1. Battle Academia Ezreal

Price: 1820 RP

It’s a bit more expensive, yes, but this skin has everything you could possibly want from a skin. Tons of new animations, cool and unique particles on his abilities and attacks, a sick recall animation, awesome splash art, and an anime theme that I’m sure a lot of players will love to try out. There aren’t many other skins that bring what the Battle Academia does to Ezreal.