TFT Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Bomberman Comp

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Our latest TFT guide breaks down the strong Demolitionist comp known as the Bomberman comp.

The Bomberman comp first cropped up in Patch 10.10 of Teamfight Tactics with the rise of Gangplank as a hyper carry. Today, though, the comp is built more around Ziggs, but it’s still proving to be an incredibly powerful comp. As a result, we’re going to break down the Bomberman comp in our latest TFT Guide.

What is the Bomberman comp?

Core Comp: Ziggs, Malphite, Sona, Yasuo, Aurelion Sol, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Gangplank

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The Bomberman comp (originally known as the Shaq and Kobe comp when it first originated, is a hyper roll Rebel/Demolitionist comp. Unlike most hyper roll comps, however, the Bomberman also has a built-in late game scaling threat with the Gangplank, who will serve as your secondary carry at Levels 7-9.

In this comp, you will want to hyper roll for Ziggs primarily. Once you have 3-star Ziggs, there’s really no point in rolling for Malphite, Sona, or Yasuo as you won’t be putting any items on them. After that, you do want to level quickly as the next big units you’re looking at are all 4-cost or higher (Jinx, MF, Gangplank).

Please note that this comp is very item dependent, relying on Ziggs getting at least one Seraph’s Embrace with Needlessly Large Rod items on both himself and Gangplank. If you don’t have at least three Tears and Large Rods after Krugs, the Bomberman comp is going to struggle.

What Are the Key Units and Items?

Ziggs needs Seraph’s Embrace, and ideally wants two, so he can keep throwing out his Bomb! to proc the Demolitionist trait’s stun. Beyond that, any AP or mana items you want to put on Ziggs other than Morellonomicon are fine.

As to the other big carry, Gangplank, he can do well with Morellos or Ionic Spark, but ideally you want to get him a Guardian Angel. It’s very difficult for GP to get that ult off given how squishy he is, so you need to prioritize that item.

Beyond that, you really don’t need any other specific units to make the Bomberman comp work. you just want to make sure you have the Rebel and Demolitionist traits active for GP and Ziggs.

When Should You go the Bomberman Comp?

If you get multiple Tears off the first carousel and in the first few PVE rounds, that’s a great sign that you can look to go for the Bomberman comp. Given that this is a hyper roll comp, you’re going to want to econ early and make sure that you’re getting plenty of Ziggs copies in the first few stages. If you don’t have at least one Tear of the Goddess after the PVE rounds, you might want to reconsider going for this comp.

In Stage 2, you want to only buy Ziggs, Malphite, and Sona. However, you do not need to get any Sona’s after you get her to 2-stars, so feel free to sell copies of Sona if you need to econ. If you don’t have at least 30 gold after the Krug round (and ideally you should have 50 gold), abandon this comp.

At 3-1, you roll all your gold to see where you land, but on the Krug round I would look around to see how many other people have a 2-star Ziggs. If the answer is more than one, reconsider going this comp unless you have superior items to the other players.

If you don’t hit on 3-star Ziggs after rolling all your gold on Round 3-1, unfortunately you don’t have a lot of other options to transition to. You can go something like Space Pirates/Rebels or sell your Ziggs and put the items on something like Vel’Koz and just go a straight Void comp. Unfortunately, in most cases if you commit to this comp it’s probably just worth it to keep rolling to get that 3-star Ziggs.

How do You Counter this Comp?

Countering this comp is actually quite difficult if it has the proper items because of the crowd control it brings. Having a QSS on key carries is certainly a good idea to negate the CC that will be coming out of Ziggs and GP. Trap Claw can also be a good item into the Bomberman comp.

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As far as the comps or synergies that can deal with this comp, Mystics will mitigate all the magic damage. Another good option might be something like Infiltrators or Blademasters (particularly Irelia) who can get onto and burst down these carries quickly.