TFT Guide: How to Navigate the Binary Star Galaxy

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Our latest TFT guide shows you how to navigate the newest galaxy, the Binary Star.

The Binary Star galaxy has been live for about a week now and players are still trying to figure out how to best play in its new ruleset. Introduced in Patch 10.13, the Binary Star is the first galaxy introduced following the mid-set update. In today’s TFT guide, we will examine the best strategies to play in this galaxy.

What is the Binary Star Galaxy?

The Binary Star galaxy restricts the number of item slots each champion has. Normally, champions are able to hold three items (either completed items or item components) at a time, but in the Binary Star galaxy one of those slots is blocked. This effectively means that each champion can only hold two items at a time.

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How do you Play in the Binary Star Galaxy?

Because you are going to have this artificial item restriction on your champions, you cannot go any sort of comps that rely on item stacking. This means comps like Rebels (which are currently among the most OP in Patch 10.13) that need to get their carries like Jinx loaded up with items will not perform as well.

In fact, this restriction means that comps that tend to scale, or be built around multi-item carries, will not be as good. Slow roll and hyper roll comps are not as worth it because your main carry will not have as many items in that late game stage.

Instead, a far better option is to go for a more balanced comp with multiple carry threats. Comps like 6 Cybernetics, Blaster/Brawlers, or Chrono/Blademasters are far more effective in this galaxy than in others because you need to have multiple carries and item users.

While this means that those slow roll and hyper roll comps are not going to be worth it in the late game, the Binary Star galaxy also encourages players to go for those comps that spike earlier. Because you won’t be rolling for one or two particular units, there is little chance that you will hit a bail-out 3-star unit like Master Yi or Vayne. Even if you do, with only two item slots available, you aren’t really getting as much value compared to someone who gets, say, a 2-star Jinx.

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This means that players are better-off playing strong early game comps like Cybernetics, Protectors, or Vanguards to transition them to a better mid game comp. Preserving your health pool early is critical because you don’t have that comeback mechanic of scaling late.

Unfortunately, in this galaxy the player who wins is likely going to be the one who hits the best items for Jinx/ASol, Vayne/Caitlyn, or Riven/Irelia. The only reliable way to play this galaxy well is to make sure you’re always shooting for top-four.

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