League of Legends: Three Ways Yone will be Different from Yasuo

Legends of Runeterra. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Legends of Runeterra. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

With heavy rumors that Yasuo’s brother, Yone, will be the next League of Legends champion release, let’s look at how the champions will differ.

We’ve already seen the newest League of Legends champion, Lillia, hit the PBE ahead of her release next patch, but it looks like the next new champion might be coming soon after. Leaked screenshots and some voice lines from the new Spirit Blossom skins seem to confirm that Yone, brother of Yasuo, will be joining us on Summoner’s Rift very soon.

While Yone is already known to exist in Runeterra both through Yasuo’s lore and as a follower card in Legends of Runeterra, a lot of players are already skeptical of seeing the most brother toxic champion in League of Legends come to the Rift. However, based on the existing lore and his information from Legends of Runeterra card, we can deduce some major differences that exist between Yone and Yasuo.

1. Double the Swords

If you look at Yone’s cards in Legends of Runeterra, you’ll notice that he carries a sword similar to that of Yasuo…but he also carries a second sword. This means that he could be one of the few dual-wielding weapons holders in League of Legends.

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Having two swords means that Yone could function either more aggressively than his brother (for instance, a double-strike ability) or he could use the two swords defensively (one to block while he attacks with another). However he uses the swords, it’s very likely that he won’t be attacking with the same smooth, fluid pattern that Yasuo does. I would guess he’ll be a bit more of a brute than a nimble fighter, which is also supported by the next difference.

2. Chasing the Wind

Yasuo, the Unforgiven is known for his wind-walking abilities, including his tornado, ultimate, and windwall. But don’t expect Yone to have any similar abilities.

In the lore, Yasuo was famously accused of killing his former master and was forced to confront Yone who sought vengeance for his brother’s crimes. After Yasuo struck down Yone, the fallen brother revealed the evidence for Yasuo’s crimes, that the master was killed by a wind technique that no one else could have used. That “no one else” would presumably include Yone, so that means we should expect him to have a more traditional fighting style like the other Ionian fighters like Irelia, Master Yi, or Shen.

Yone is known in Legends of Runeterra as the Windchaser, which makes sense with the lore. Yasuo is the Wind, while Yone is the Windchaser. I would guess that Yone will have plenty of mobility to chase the wind, but probably not have any knockups or anything like that.

3. Not Quite Dead

The biggest difference between Yone and Yasuo is that one of them is supposed to be dead. Remember that time Yasuo struck down his brother? Well Yone supposedly died, yet now he’s in Legends of Runeterra and is now coming to League of Legends?

Many are speculating that Yone actually did not die but I think there is another explanation: maybe he actually is dead. Remember, in the development video ahead of Season 10, Riot’s champion producer teased that one champion that is coming in the summer is a “masked stranger” who “refuses to die,” showing players that “some demons should remain in the past.” The video clearly references Lillia as one of those champions, so it seems likely that this description would apply to the new champion, Yone.

The use of “demons,” “masked stranger,” and “refuses to die” makes me think that Yone was somehow resurrected or is possessed by a demonic entity, sort of like Kayn and Raast. The champion we see won’t be the actual Yone that Yasuo knew, but a shade of his former self likely still seeking vengeance for his brother’s crimes.

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That “refuses to die” portion makes me immediately think of a champion like Tryndamere, a solo fighter who has a lot of damage, mobility, and an ult that keeps him alive. The descriptions of his kit seem to match Tryndamere perfectly, so I’ll be interested to see how Riot makes him unique, or if the “refuses to die” statement could indicate a brand new mechanic.