League of Legends: Kha’Zix Leaps Into the Meta After Patch 10.14 Buff

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Kha’Zix has climbed up the jungle tier list after a huge Patch 10.14 buff

Historically, Kha’Zix has always been a popular jungle champion both in solo queue and pro play. His excellent dueling and outplay potential make him the perfect choice for any jungler that wants to single-handedly carry games. But recently the Voidreaver has found himself struggling to impact the meta due to the far superior options in the current jungle pool.

On Patch 10.13, Kha’Zix was forced to settle for an underwhelming 49.43% win rate in solo queue, accompanied by a tiny 3.56% pick rate. Furthermore, the jungler has also failed to make a dent on the pro play meta since the 2017 Spring Split and has zero appearances in competitive games in Season 10 so far.

That could all be about to change though as the League of Legends balance team decided that enough was enough and attempted to bring Kha’Zix back up to speed with a helpful buff on Patch 10.14.

By simply increasing the jungler’s Q – Taste Their Fear Isolation damage from 100% -> 120%, the balance team have revived a formerly lifeless champion, allowing him to reclaim his place in the jungle meta. Now, Kha’Zix sits at a massively improved 52.63% win rate in solo queue and is picked in 12.6% of games.

From Patch 10.13 to Patch 10.14, Kha’Zix’s win rate increased by over 3%

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There is no doubt that Kha’Zix is now an S tier jungler and it could even be argued that he is the strongest jungler in League of Legends on the current patch, ahead of Fiddlesticks and Graves. The impact of a small Taste Their Fear has been huge and may have warped the jungle meta for the remainder of Season 10.

The reasoning behind this is as simple as it may seem, even to players from the lowest of elos; Kha’Zix’s Q is by far his most important ability and pivotal to his damage output. A 20% damage increase to a skill as significant and frequently cast as Taste Their Fear is always going to have a massive impact on the champion and their role.

During the early game, Kha’Zix now has a vastly improved jungle clear, particularly against single monster camps. Even against AoE camps like Krugs and Raptors, a well-timed Q or well-placed W – Void Spike could shave seconds off the Voidreaver’s early clear speed. This allows the jungler to arrive earlier to neutral objectives, Scuttle Crabs, or skirmishes and have a greater impact on the early game than his opposite number.

Kha’Zix also benefits from PvP improvements, especially in the early game when he is likely to come up against the enemy jungler in a 1v1 when fighting over Scuttle Crabs and early vision. Isolation damage relies on enemies being separated from their allies – which junglers often are – giving Kha’Zix the upper hand in the duel.

Late game team fights are also more likely to go in favour of Kha’Zix as a result of this buff as it’ll take fewer Qs to shut down an enemy carry and remove them from the fight.

In pro play and high elo, marksmen and mages are unlikely to be separated from their team for too often, so Kha’Zix doesn’t really benefit from increased Isolation damage here. However, Kha’Zix players can run riot in lower elos as ADCs and mid laners can sometimes find themselves deserted several times during a skirmish.

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Overall, given the size of the buff, it was clear that Kha’Zix would make a return to the jungle meta on Patch 10.14. Nevertheless, this isn’t a bad thing. The rise of more damage-oriented, assassin-like junglers to the meta is welcome as it encourages diversity and variety to a relatively stale Season 10 meta.