League of Legends: Draven’s Resurgence Offers an Alternative to Scaling

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Draven has returned to S tier and is bringing variety to the bottom lane

Scaling is the name of the game in the bot lane right now with the likes of Aphelios, Ashe, and Jinx all at the top of the tier list. Season 10 has forced marksman players to disregard the laning phase and focus solely on the late game, but Draven’s return to S tier could cause yet another shift in League of Legends’ southernmost lane.

Over the last six months, the three most influential bot lane champions have all relied on reaching the late game to output the most DPS and potentially carry team fights. Aphelios needs to purchase two items before he’s considered relevant, Miss Fortune’s ultimate is built for 5v5s, and Senna can’t take over the Rift until she’s grabbed a fair few souls.

However, the bot lane meta on Patch 10.14 has added diversity and variety to the previously stale role. Aphelios and Ezreal have taken a back seat, allowing Caitlyn, Jhin, and Draven to grab the reins and reintroduce winning games through lane dominance to League of Legends.

Draven’s 51.38% win rate on Patch 10.14 will force bot laners to adapt

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Draven has been a non-factor in the bot lane throughout Season 10 so far. The marksman has just 6 appearances in the top five competitive regions during 2020 and regularly suffers from sub-50% win rates in solo queue.

That all began to change after Patch 10.11 in which Draven received base health and health growth buffs, alongside most other ADCs. While this buff was clearly focused on improving the state of bot lane as a whole, it had a huge impact on Draven’s ability to trade aggressively and look for early kills with a much greater health pool.

As a result, the Glorious Executioner’s win rate rose from 49.55% to 50.76% over 2 patches.

This has prompted a shift in the bot lane culture on Patch 10.14 as scaling is no longer the default and several more options have entered the fray. Caitlyn has climbed to a 14.2% pick rate, Twitch is starting to see regular play, and Draven is leading the charge.

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Some League of Legends players may be tilted at the thought of Draven returning to the bot lane meta, but there’s no doubt that this is a positive shift for gameplay in both pro play and solo queue. No longer will players be forced to be patient while ADCs scale up for 30 minutes. Now, there’s an alternate, lane dominant route that is growing in popularity day by day.