League of Legends: The 3 Biggest Buffs Coming in Patch 10.16

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

With Patch 10.16 on the way, here are the three biggest buffs to champions that will be coming to League of Legends.

In the week before a new patch, Riot will often give some updates to the community about what to expect in the future patch and Patch 10.16 was no different. On Tuesday, the lead gameplay designer on League of Legends, Riot Scruffy, dropped a tweet previewing all the changes that will likely be coming to the game in Patch 10.16.

Although these changes are tentative, meaning they might get changed when the patch actually releases or get pulled from the patch altogether, it’s a pretty good bet that most of these changes will hit the servers this week. With 15 champions being buffed, here are three champions that could rise to “OP” status in the next League of Legends patch.

1. Jax

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Jax is getting a two-second buff to the cooldown on his E – Counterstrike at rank one. The cooldown still scales as you level it, but at max rank the cooldown will be the same as it was before (eight seconds).

This two-second buff is huge for Jax in being able to get off more advantageous trades early. Most of the time his trade pattern is to auto the enemy champion, turn on his Counterstrike, soak damage from the enemy minions auto-attacking him, and unleash his stun on the enemy champion before leaping away to win the trade.

It’s also important that the buff is to his rank one cooldown because Jax does not typically max Counterstrike first. This means the ability will stay at rank one, with the reduced cooldown for longer, boosting his early and mid game power, but leave his late game power relatively untouched.

2. Tristana

Her E – Explosive Charge, is getting a new effect where the damage is increased by 1% for every 2% crit chance Tristana has. This means, in essence, once Tristana gets to 100% crit chance her E will do 50% more damage.

This buff is huge because Explosive Charge is the ability that makes Tristana such a terror in taking turrets and seiging. Since Trist is going to build primarily crit items like Infinity Edge and Rapid Firecannon, it’s likely that players will be able to take advantage of this buff.

Finally, this buff is coming at a time where we are starting to see more enchanter supports like Lulu and Bard dominating the meta in solo queue and pro play. Tristana does much better when she has that protection and is allowed to get through her weak early game.

3. Fiora

Finally, Fiora is getting a massive buff to her Q – Lunge in the cooldown and cooldown refund. Her base cooldown is going down by three seconds at rank one and two seconds at max rank. She is also getting a 10% buff to the refund on her Q when hitting an enemy.

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These two changes are massive because Fiora will typically max Q first, so she’s getting the advantages of both the early and late buffs quickly, boosting her early and mid game power. In addition, now that her cooldown refund on hitting enemy champions is up to 60% from 50%, her Q cooldown on hitting an enemy (which was 8 seconds) will now be 5.2 seconds at rank one.

This will give good Fiora players the opportunity to take more of these advantageous trades around Fiora’s vitals. This will absolutely make Fiora an early game monster in pro play and high elo where players can take advantage of these buffs. Fiora is already a high-A tier top laner this patch, so in Patch 10.16 she could easily jump into the S tier for solo queue.