League of Legends: New PsyOps Skins to be Released on Patch 10.18

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Six new PsyOps skins are set to be added to League of Legends on Patch 10.18

A brand new skin line is heading to League of Legends on Patch 10.18. PsyOps combines the best aspects of the PROJECT and Pulsefire skin lines to create unique looks and visual effects. Six champions currently have PsyOps skins on the PBE and they are set to be officially released on Patch 10.18.

Hextech Ziggs joins the six PsyOps skins on the current PBE cycle. Here’s a list of every skin heading to Summoner’s Rift on Patch 10.18:

PsyOps Ezreal (1350 RP)

The first new skin is for Ezreal. This skin has some neat visual effects, particularly the projectile shell around his W – Essence Flux.

PsyOps Ezreal also comes with a Prestige Edition which adds gold to the color scheme which really pops and stands out. As far as Prestige skins go, PsyOps Ezreal is probably one of the best options that Riot have released so far.

PsyOps Master Yi (1350 RP)

Master Yi is the next addition to the skin line and has a much edgier look for the Wuju Bladesman. The silver, red, and black color scheme is extremely eye-catching and the skin also comes with eight chromas.

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PsyOps Shen (1350 RP)

The next one of the new skins is Shen, a cool, modern look for the Eye of Twilight. However, it could be argued that this skin is very similar to Pulsefire Shen, so bear that in mind when deciding whether to purchase his new cosmetic.

Take a look at our Shen skin ranking for a full breakdown of his available skins and let us know where you think this skin will rank.

PsyOps Sona (1820 RP)

Sona has the most expensive of the new PsyOps skins. This is because upon reaching level 6, the champion transforms into an unbound form, a very unique look that will undoubtedly catch players’ attention on the Rift. The skin definitely offers enough to be worth the extra RP and also comes with eight chromas.

PsyOps Vi (1350 RP)

The last of in this skin line is Vi. While there are some interesting visual effects and a cool new model for the Piltover Enforcer, it doesn’t really pop as much as the other five skins.

It is definitely worth taking a look at alternative Vi cosmetics before spending your hard-earned RP on PsyOps Vi.

Hextech Ziggs (10 Gemstones)

The final skin heading to League of Legends on Patch 10.18 is Hextech Ziggs. First of all, his hat game is on point and it fits perfectly with the champion and the theme of the skin.

On top of that, the visual effects are incredible and a big upgrade on Ziggs’ base skin. If you have 10 Gemstones to spare, this skin is certainly worth considering.

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Overall, the new PsyOps skin line is hit or miss. Some of the skins offer fantastic new visuals and a unique skin for champions lacking around this theme. However, an argument could be made that they are very similar to the pre-existing PROJECT and Pulsefire skins and therefore won’t be as popular.