TFT Set 4: Predicting the Champions that Will Show Up in Set 4

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Let’s predict which champions will enter the Arena in TFT Set 4.

With Riot’s recent announcement that Teamfight Tactics will be debuting Set 4 in Patch 10.19, there is plenty of discussion as to which units will remain from Set 3, which will return from previous sets, and which new champions we might see. As we noted when we broke down the reveal, the initial reveal gives us some hints of the types of champions and traits that we might see. Using those few hints, let’s see if we can predict which champions might show up in TFT Set 4.

The Likely Candidates

The reveal capitalized a few key words that indicate that these might be Origens or Classes in TFT Set 4. Going off that assumption, here are the champions and the skin lines that might fit into those classifications.

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Kayle (base skin)
Irelia (Divine Sword skin)


Vi (Demon skin)
Brand (base skin)
Teemo (Little Devil skin)
Tristana (Little Devil skin)


Thresh (Spirit Blossom skin)
Vayne (Spirit Blossom skin)
Yasuo (Spirit Blossom skin)


Hecarim (Reaper skin)
Soraka (Reaper skin)


Master Yi (Chosen skin)
Tristana (Dragon Trainer skin)
Swain (Dragon Master skin)
Lulu (Dragon Trainer skin)
Pantheon (Dragonslayer skin)

Best Guesses

These are either teased synergies that don’t really line up with what was teased or skin lines that make sense for an Origin or Class to be based off.


Katarina (Bilgerat skin)
Gangplank (Captain skin)
Quinn (Corsair skin)
Miss Fortune (Captain skin)


Ashe (Woad skin)
Darius (Woad King)
Leblanc (Elderwood skin)
Ahri (Elderwood skin)
Nocturne (Elderwood skin)

Fairy Tale

Annie (Annie in Wonderland skin)
Warwick (Big Bad Warwick skin)
Shaco (Mad Hatter skin)
Kog’Maw (Caterpillar skin)
Cho’Gath (Loch Ness skin)
Cassiopeia (Siren skin)


Bard (Bard Bard skin)
Braum (Lionheart skin)
Jayce (Brighthammer skin)
Ryze (Whitebeard skin)
Talon (Blackwood)
Veigar (Greybeard)
Twitch (Shadowfoot)
Karthus (Lightsbane skin)

Outside Chances

These are champions and skins that don’t really fit the “Fates” theme but could work and be included.


Braum (Crime City skin)
Jinx (Crime City skin)
Twitch (Crime City skin)
Graves (Crime City skin)

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Kha’Zix (Death Blossom skin)
Elise (Death Blossom skin)
Morgana (Ghost Bride skin)


Akali (Headhunter skin)
Caitlyn (Headhunter skin)
Nidalee (Headhunter skin)
Rengar (Nighthunter/Headhunter skins)
Draven (Beast Hunter skin)
Sejuani (Beast Hunter skin)
Tryndamere (Beast Hunter skin)


Talon (Enduring Sword skin)
Master Yi (Eternal Sword skin)
Jax (God Staff skin)
Riven (Valiant Sword skin)
Lee Sin (God Fist skin)


Ezreal (Ace of Spades skin)
Twisted Fate (Jack of Hearts skin)
Syndra (Queen of Diamonds skin)
Vi (Debonair skin)
Jayce (Debonair skin)


Ziggs (Master Arcanist skin)
Zoe (Arcanist skin)
Lux (Spellthief skin)
Kog’Maw (Arcanist skin)