TFT: Breaking Down the TFT Fates Pass and New Set 4 Cosmetics

Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Riot announced some big changes to the TFT: Fates pass system for Set 4!

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 is only a few patches away and Tacticians around the world are excited to see check out the new Chosen mechanic along with a brand new set of units and traits. Today, though, we got a look at the new pass that is coming to TFT: Fates soon. The new pass will include a brand new way to level up your Little Legends, new interactive arenas, and more! Let’s check out everything new coming in Set 4!

Star Shards

In TFT: Fates, players will finally be able to level up their favorite Little Legend with a new unlockable item called Star Shards, rather than praying to RNGesus that their eggs give them the next level of their favorite Little Legend. Players can either buy Star Shards in the store or acquire them by unlocking them through the Fates Pass+ (yes, unfortunately it looks like there’s no way to get Star Shards without spending some RP).

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If you use Fates Pass+, you can get up to 300 Star Shards, but you can also buy them in bundles starting from 625 RP. According to Riot, these base bundles should allow you to level up most Little Legends in your collection.

It will cost 100 Star Shards to upgrade the Rare or Pass + Little Legends, 125 Shards to upgrade Epic Little Legends, or 150 Star Shards to upgrade Legendary Little Legends. However, Victorious Little Legends, UFO, Star Guardian, and Jade Emperors cannot be upgraded with Star Shards. You should also note that you need to actually own the Little Legend before you can upgrade it with Star Shards and you cannot undo the upgrade once you have spent the Star Shards.

Interactive Arenas

Riot previewed three new arenas in the Ionian theme that will come with TFT: Fates at launch – Festival, Kanmei, and Akana. These are all following in the style of the Spirit Blossom set of skins we recently saw released to League of Legends.

The arenas are purchaseable for 1380 RP each or you can get all three for 2900 RP. If that seems like a steep price to you, well there is a reason for the high cost. These new arenas will change and react to the state of your game, like winning a round, a win streak, or even a 3-star champion dying!

New Little Legends

The part that most Tacticians are looking forward to is a whole slew of new Little Legends. Riot has already previewed three new Little Legends who are coming in Set 4.

Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

First, there’s a surprise in the release of Ao Shin (finally!). For those who aren’t aware, Ao Shin was a long-rumored dragon champion that fans had been looking forward to for years before the champion was scrapped the design was transitioned into the champ now known as Aurelion Sol. Luckily for us, Ao Shin lives on as a cute but menacing Little Legend coming in TFT: Fates.

There’s also Choncc, a perpetually hungry and sleepy Not-So-Little Legend. Think of him as, basically, a pink Snorlax.

Finally, there’s Umbra, a shadow dragon little legend who looks a lot like the Phantoms in Minecraft. She’s a sweet mixture of fierce and fiery, but also cute and scaly.

The new dragon Little Legends will be available for 750 RP for Rare variants and 925 RP for Epic variants.

Fates Pass+

Just like with Galaxies, TFT: Fates will have a free and paid version of the season pass. With Fates Pass+, you’ll be able to unlock 300 Star Shards to upgrade your Little Legends. You’ll also be able to unlock:

  • Four new Booms
  • A new Jade Emperor Sprite Little Legend
  • A new Fates Fuwa Little Legend
  • Two new Arenas (these do not appear to be the new interactive arenas)

The Fates Pass+ will be available for 1295 RP and, as before, if you spend your RP to buy the Pass+ later in the set it will unlock all the rewards you’ve already earned for the set.

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Ranked Rewards

Finally, Riot also gave us has revealed that TFT: Galaxies ranked rewards will be dropping in Patch 10.21, with players who reached Gold or higher (in either part of Set 3) getting a Victorious Hauntling. However, if you got Gold or higher in both parts of Set 3, you’ll get a Triumphant Hauntling.