League of Legends: Looking at the Brand New Psyops Skins

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

New Skins are being added to League of Legend’s most recent skin line Psyops.

Recently a line of skins called Psyops was teased for release into League of Legends. However, after just a short amount of time we see this skin line is already being added to.  There will be five new Psyops skins coming to this line in addition to the first five that were released in Patch 10.18. Let’s check them out and review a little bit on what to expect.

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The first of the new skins is going to Kayle and will cost 1350 RP. To me, this seems like a skin we have already in either Riot Kayle or Aether Wing Kayle. Why does she need another future themed battle warrior type skin?

It does look pretty good though and is cheaper than Aether Wing, plus it is also more accessible than Riot Kayle. I think this skin may be worth it to get the same look at an affordable price tag.

It’s also worth noting this is one of her first new skins since the visual update so it’s nice to see her get something new. There will also be eight chromas for this skin.

Also selling for 1350 RP is Psyops Pyke. At first glance, I thought this skin is a clone of Project Pyke, but on closer examination, I might like this skin better.

The color scheme of blue and silver go well together and it just looks really cool and intimidating.  His new indicator on the ultimate is pretty awesome as well. He also has eight chromas to choose from.

Next to be added to the line is Psyops Viktor for 1350 RP. At first look, I couldn’t even tell the difference between this and his base skin. Granted this skin has new models and textures, new voice and sound effects, and a new recall animation, but I don’t think it’s worth buying, even though it is Viktor’s first new skin in a while.

I don’t want to criticize this one too much, but it’s probably the worst of the new Psyops additions. Eight Chromas are available for this skin as well.

The fourth addition is Psyops Zed at 1350 RP and you can also pick up eight chromas for this skin. However, like pretty much every skin in this line it seems like don’t we have this skin already? My first thought was “isn’t this similar to Project Zed?”

The theme of the Psyops line could work well for Zed yes, but I do feel like Project Zed is the better skin and at the same price. Plus why do you want to use a Zed skin that makes him look like Master Yi with all the weird multiple eyes on the mask? No thanks, I’ll pass.

The final option for new Psyops skins is the release skin for Samira. This skin line looks tailor-made for her. It’s a cool looking skin and the theme seems to fit well with her lore.

I’m excited to see this skin in-game. As it just might be my favorite of the new Psyops line. There are also eight chromas for this skin to add to your collection.

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Overall, while this skin line is growing on me a bit, I wouldn’t say its one of League’s best. It just seems like a repeat of the project skin line. I wouldn’t be too critical of it if the champions they chose didn’t have project skins, but because a lot of them do it just feels unneeded.