Worlds 2020: Drops, Pick’em Contest, and Rewards for Worlds

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Learn all about the rewards you can get for watching Worlds 2020 as well as how to participate in the Worlds Pick’em contest!

Worlds 2020 kicks off on Friday and fans across the globe are hyped to watch their teams play. But even if you’re not a fan of professional League of Legends, or your favorite team didn’t make Worlds 2020 (cut to teary-eyed Cloud9 fans), there’s still plenty of reasons to care about Worlds. Once again, the Worlds Pick’em contest returns to let fans show their knowledge about the best teams in the world, with in-game rewards on the line. Fans can also continue to earn rewards via loot drops just by watching the game!

You can find out more about the rewards, drops, and Pick’em contest at Riot’s official site, but if you want to get the quick rundown of what prizes you can get and how to win them, we got you covered!


If you were getting drops and rewards via the LCS and LEC watch program this summer, you’re in great shape, since the process will be essentially the same. If you didn’t participate and want to do so for Worlds, all you have to do is log-in to with your Riot account and watch the games while logged in. If certain key moments happen like a Baron steal or Pentakill, you automatically earn rewards just by watching. Check out breakdown of the process for claiming these drops here if you need a step-by-step breakdown.

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As for rewards, here are the types of loot that may be dropped, depending on the stage of Worlds and what event triggers it:

  • 10-Year Commemorative Esports Capsules
  • Custom Branded (by Riot sponsors) Hextech Chests
  • Minion Icons
  • Discount Codes from Riot sponsors
  • Exclusive Music content from sponsors like Spotify
  • Ward Skins and Emotes
  • Worlds Tokens
  • Blue Essence


The Worlds 2020 also brings the return of the Pick’em contest where fans will have a shot to prove that they know more about esports than the coaches and GMs they always criticize! To participate, login to the Pick’em page with your Riot account and make your picks as the tournament goes on. You can only make the picks for each stage of the tournament, so here are the lock-in days for your picks based on each stage:

  • Group stage: Unlocks 9/30, locks 10/2
  • Quarterfinals: Unlocks 10/11, locks 10/14
  • Semifinals: Unlocks 10/18, locks 10/23
  • Finals: Unlocks 10/25, locks 10/30

Note that just by locking in picks for each stage on time, you get the following rewards, so make sure to get your picks locked in!

  • Groups: 500 BE
  • Quarters: 500 BE + Random Champ Shard
  • Semis: 500 OE
  • Finals: Hextech Chest + Key

Finally, you will get points for each correct pick in your Pick’em bracket, locking you into one of four tiers, with better rewards for each!

  • 18 points = Greater Murk Wolf tier
  • 19-34 points = Gromp tier
  • 35-50 points = Ancient Krug tier
  • 51-66 points = Crimson Raptor tier

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However, if you manage to get a perfect pick’em, you will earn

  • All five Ultimate Skins: a Cache containing all 5 Ultimate Skins (DJ
    Sona, Spirit Guard Udyr, Pulsefire Ezreal, Elementalist Lux, and Gun Goddess Miss Fortune).
  • An exclusive Alienware Aurora Battlestation! You can play like the pros on a replica of the battlestations used at the 2020 World Championship!