Worlds 2020 Play-In: Three Word Game and MVPs for Day 3

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Day 3 of the play-in stage for Worlds 2020 has come to a close so let’s recap all the action.

The play-in stage of Worlds 2020 rolls on along, with Day 3 concluding the action for Group B. One team, PSG Talon, has already secured their spot in groups while the first team, V3 Esports, has ben eliminated from contention.

Tomorrow the Worlds 2020 play-in stage concludes with the teams in Group A squaring off to determine the seeding for the play-in knockout stage. But before we look to Group A, let’s bid a fond farewell to Group B by playing the 3 Word game and giving our three MVPs for today’s action.

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3 Word Recaps

*The winning team is in bold

V3 Esports vs. LGD Gaming – China has awoken.

After a brutal 0-2 start to the play-in stage, LGD clearly understood that they needed to wake up or they would be facing an early elimination. Against a weak V3 team, they managed to get a needed win.

Rainbow7 vs. Unicorns of Love – Nomanz no help

Nomanz and BOSS were the only two Unicorns who looked like they had woken up for their match against Rainbow7.

PSG Talon vs. V3 Esports – Delay the visas

PSG Talon looks really good with their subs in this game, with Uniboy going 10/1/2 and Kongyue going 9/1/11, making many wonder whether the team can keep their “starters” from joining them at groups.

Unicorns of Love vs. LGD Gaming –

Unicorns of Love vs. PSG Talon – On to groups

With this win, PSG Talon secured the number one seed for Group B in the play-in stage, guaranteeing them a trip to the group stage.

LGD Gaming vs. V3 Esports – Draft diff huge

China exhales as LGD avoided being the first team eliminated, but they got a big assist from V3’s coaching staff, who decided to inexplicably draft Camille/Elise/Sett/Xayah/Rakan into the LPL’s fourth-seed. That is not a recipe for success as they predictably did not jump out to an early lead and lost in a painful fashion.

MVPs of Day 1

Brandon Joel “Josedeodo” Villegas (Rainbow7, Jungler)

That Evelyn game was absolutely disgusting for Josedeodo, as he ran circles around AHaHaCiK and the Unicorns of Love, going 8/2/9.

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Chen “Uniboy” Chang-Chu (PSG Talon, Mid)

That was an immaculate Syndra performance against V3 Esports, going 10/1/12, but then he followed that up with a 5/0/6 Orianna game against Unicorns of Love to clinch PSG’s spot in the group stage. It’s all the more impressive considering that he won’t be the one to play with the team at groups.

Xie “Langx” Zhen-Ying (LGD Esports, Top)

There weren’t a lot of bright spots on LGD, as they had to scratch to keep their hopes to make it out of play-ins alive, but Langx had a couple of very good performances (2/1/12 on Ornn vs V3 and 6/2/5 on Jax in the tiebreaker). Even his performance in the loss against UoL (3/4/4 on Volibear) was solid.