Worlds 2020 Group Stage: Three Word Recaps and MVPs of Day 4

Photo by Yicun Liu/Riot Games.
Photo by Yicun Liu/Riot Games. /

We break down all the action on Day 4 of the Group Stage of Worlds 2020.

With the conclusion of Day 4 of the League of Legends World Championships group stage, each team has played one-half of their games in the group stage. Teams will get a one-day break in the action before each group plays the second half of their round-robin beginning Thursday. Let’s look to see who has been performing the best at Worlds 2020 halfway through the group stage.

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3 Word Recaps

*The winning team is in bold

Game 1: G2 Esports vs. Team Liquid – G2 draft boom

I have a lotone of the worst junglers of questions about G2’s draft in this game, as they elected to pick a strong top side of the map (Renekton/Nidalee) but leave their jungler as the only AP damage source when Jankos has been at Worlds. They didn’t pick to their team’s identity or comfort, which allowed TL to take an upset win and score one for NA.

Game 2: Suning vs. Machi Esports – S OMG FM

Suning’s jungler SofM didn’t have the most impressive scoreline on Nidalee (2/1/2), but he had perhaps the most insane play of Day 4. In a 1v3, he managed to weave in-and-out of the fight long enough to steal the Rift Herald and kill Machi’s jungler Gemini. It was absolutely nuts.

Game 3: DRX vs. FlyQuest – Big Deft energy

Deft was an absolute monster in this game on Caitlyn, going 6/0/6 on the Sheriff of Piltover. It wasn’t hard to rack up kills with FlyQuest’s support Ignar sprinting it down in some spots, but it was still impressive from him.

Game 4: Top Esports vs. Unicorns of Love – Senna and Jax

That was the story of this game for Top, as JackeyLove somehow got his hands back on the Senna pick that he destroyed on the other day. Along with 369, who got to counterpick top lane with Jax, Top ran over this game.

Game 5: – Fnatic vs. Gen.G – Group C’s interesting

With this win Fnatic and Gen.G are tied for first place with 2-1 records heading into the final three games of the group stage. And, depending on the TSM/LGD game it’s possible there would be a three-way tie for first.

Game 6: TSM vs. LGD Gaming – The Skillshots Missed

You can’t really fault anyone for TSM’s loss other than the players themselves. Their draft had a clear identity and fairly easy execution, but the players just botched it. From Doublelift dying Level 1 to Bjergsen’s failed dive top lane, TSM just mechanically misplayed over and over to lose and drop to 0-3.

MVPs of Group Stage Day 4

Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu (DRX, ADC)

The 6/0/6 scoreline is impressive, yes, but Deft also did 5k more damage than the next-closest player in this game (his own top laner, Doran, on Moakai). He also out-damaged the enemy ADC WildTurtle by 15k.

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Ling “Mark” Xu (LGD Gaming, Support)

Mark basically won the early game for LGD by blowing Doublelift’s flash and then immediately turning it into a kill, but other than that he was all over the map and seemed to have a magnet at the end of his anchor that hit every TSM member.

Bai “369” Jia-Hao (Top Esports, Top)

Imagine if 369 had a real weapon? He went 10/3/5 on Jax in their takedown of Unicorns of Love and outdamaged everyone except his ADC JackeyLove (who did less than 2k damage more than 369) and the enemy bot laner Gadget who was playing Karthus.