Worlds 2020: 3 Word Recaps and MVP of Suning vs. JD Gaming

Photo by David Lee/Riot Games.
Photo by David Lee/Riot Games. /

We break down today’s series between Suning and JD Gaming.

The second series of the quarterfinal round of Worlds 2020 was an LPL showdown between the #2 and #3 teams from China. Third-seeded Suning, a team full of rookies, faced off against JD Gaming, a veteran team with expectations of going deep into the tournament.

The two teams only met once in the LPL regular season, with JD Gaming taking both games in a 2-0 sweep, but did not meet again in the playoffs. With a trip to the Worlds semifinals on the line, which team would come on top victorious?

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3 Word Recaps

*The winning team is in bold

Game 1: Suning vs. JD Gaming – Chinese killer croc

A lot of fans and commentators meme the Renekton top pick, as it scales horribly and appears to have a higher priority than it should. However, in Zoom’s hands today the Renekton looked like it should be a contested pick. He went 4/2/9 on the Butcher of the Sands in Game 1.

Game 2: Suning vs. JD Gaming – Sniper keeps sniping

Have you ever seen a Jhin ult the enemy team behind their tier two tower in their own base? Ever seen one teleport behind the enemy team to flank them? Well you saw that with Huanfeng’s Jhin in Game 2, finishing the game 9/0/12.

Game 3: JD Gaming vs. Suning – FF at 15

It was a disaster of a Level 1 for JDG, who gave a double kill to Bin’s Gangplank before the minions had even spawned. He was able to back and enter laning phase with his Sheen already completed, going against Zoom’s Volibear with Doran’s shield. The lane was effectively over for Zoom at that point as Bin took over the map with a 5/1/5 GP game.

Game 4: JD Gaming vs. Suning – Worlds best Jhin

I don’t think there’s any arguing that Huangfeng has been the best Jhin player in the tournament after this series. He led the room in damage and finished the game 7/1/5, earning MVP honors for the game and the series win for Suning.

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MVP of the Series

Tang “huanfeng” Huan-Feng (Suning, ADC)

I mean, this is just a clear and obvious answer. He went 19/2/24 in three games on Jhin with ridiculously high damage per minute (628 DPM in Game 2, 592 DPM in Game 3, and 792 DPM in Game 4). Not to mention the fact that his other games on Miss Fortune (7/2/6) was pretty good, even though his team lost.