Worlds 2020: 3 Word Recaps and MVP of Gen.G vs G2 Esports

Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games.
Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games. /

We break down today’s series between Gen.G and G2 Esports.

Today we concluded the quarterfinal round of Worlds 2020 with another intra-region matchup. Europe’s best team, G2 Esports, faced off with Korea’s #3 team, Gen.G in a battle to advance and face tournament favorites Damwon Gaming.

G2 entered this series as their region, and the entire West’s, last chance at Worlds 2020. On the other side, a Gen.G win would guarantee a Korea vs. China finals in the World Final. Which team came out on top, and who was the MVP of the series?

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3 Word Recaps

*The winning team is in bold

Game 1: Gen.G vs. G2 Esports – Mid game swing

Careful looking at the gold graph for Game 1 because you might get whiplash. The game was even through the first 20 minutes of the game (Gen.G actually had a slight lead for the first 15) and then G2 just started winning fight after fight, snowballing the game to a win.

Game 2: Gen.G vs. G2 Esports – Gen.G gets clapped

I mean…dear god Caps is good isn’t he? He went 11/0/11 in Game 2 on Sylas, leading his team in damage as a melee mage, and absolutely carrying teamfights and putting his team on match point.

Game 3: G2 Esports vs. Gen.G – No reverse sweep

After yesterday’s performance, you wouldn’t fault EU fans for being a little nervous about seeing G2 up 2-0. Lucky for them, G2 was not having any of that as they stomped through Game 3 to complete the sweep over Gen.G.

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MVP of the Series

Rasmus “Caps” Winther (G2 Esports, Mid)

There’s no other choice given how hard Caps smurfed on Sylas in the second (11/0/11) and third (6/3/13) games of the day. His first game of the day, a 4/1/11 Twisted Fate game, was also quite impressive. Caps ended up with a 21/4/35 scoreline on the day (a 14.00 KDA) and averaged 650 DPM in the series.