League of Legends: New Battlecast and Resistance Skins on PBE

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Let’s look at the Battlecast and Resistance skins on the League of Legends PBE.

League of Legends Patch 10.23 will add some skins to two less-known skin lines. Battlecast and Resistance will see new champions added next patch, and are currently live on PBE.  There are five new skins in total, so let’s share some thoughts on these new additions.


The first new skin is Battlecast Nasus. The skin will cost 1350 RP and feature a new model, new textures, new voice lines and sound effects, and a new recall.  The skin also will have eight chromas for those looking to customize it even more.

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This skin has a very steampunk-like look for Nasus complete with the engine parts that are coming out of his back. The chrome/silver and orange color scheme also looks cool.

The flames may look a bit like Infernal Nasus, but there’s enough of a difference to not make this skin unique. With two years since we last got a Nasus skin, it’s good to see a solid offering added to his skin options.

The other Battlecast skin currently on PBE is going to Zac. You can add this skin to your collection for 1350 in RP.

Battlecast Zac will feature a new model, new textures, new voice lines and sound effects, and a new recall animation. There will be six chromas available for purchase as well.

Zac hasn’t gotten a new skin in three years and only has three skins in his collection to choose from, so giving him another skin is a positive.  It also is way different thematically than his other skins which is going to make it more appealing to Zac mains. The more chrome color stands out against his other skin choices as a more dark, less playful type of skin than, say, Pool Party and, personally, I think it looks good.


The first of the three skins being added to the Resistance line Jayce, with his new skin costing 1350 RP. As with the Battlecast skins, Resistance Jayce will bring a new model, new textures, new voice lines and sound effects, and a new recall animation. Resistance Jayce will have eight chromas available as well.

When I looked at this skin for the first time I felt that it was leftover from the Psyops skin line. Additionally, I just feel like there’s a bit of overlap between Forsaken Jayce, Full Metal Jayce, and this skin. So, while I’m not a huge fan of the theme, it does look pretty good visually. I would probably call it the second-best Jayce skin behind Battle Academia.

Singed is the second new skin in the Resistance line.  It will also cost 1350 RP and will include all the new things from the prior skins, including having eight chromas.

Singed is another champ that hasn’t seen a skin in three years, so having a new more modern skin can be seen as a plus. It also has a cool-looking red and dark gray color scheme which is nice. The theme is ok and it’s different enough of a look that it doesn’t overlap any of his prior skins. I’m not a Singed player so I’m not super excited about this skin, but it’s definitely unique.

The final champion who is getting a new Resistance skin is Yorick. This is his fifth skin and first since 2019.

I do like how this one is a theme contrast to what he already has especially compared to last year’s more lightly-themed Meowrick, while this one is a bit darker thematically. I do think darker, edgier looks work better on the undertaker and this skin continues that trend.

Unfortunately, this skin has fewer features than the other new skins, while still costing 1350 RP. This skin also comes with eight chromas to purchase. Because of the lack of features, though, the skin isn’t really worth the price.

Overall this line looks pretty solid. I also like how some champions that lack skins, or recent skins were given them. If you’re a top laner you really won out as four of the five champions getting new skins are primarily top lane picks.

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It might be a tough act to follow with all the hype for new K/DA skins and the new champion, Seraphine. Though I could see it also doing well as a darker, edgier alternative to those that aren’t into the cute pop star aesthetic.