League of Legends Guide: The Build that Has Amumu Dominating Preseason 11

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Amumu jumped up in Preseason 11 thanks to the new items. Here is the build that’s made him OP.

Preseason 11 has been wild, with plenty of ridiculous off-meta builds emerging (AP Twitch?) that have shaken up the meta. With all the new and reworked items, it was natural that some champions would take advantage of the brand new items. Amumu, the Sad Mummy, is crying just a bit less.

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Amumu has taken advantage of two of the stronger items in Preseason 11 – Sunfire Aegis and Demonic Embrace – to create a monster who waddles out of the jungle to deal ramping magic damage and percent max health damage as he gains armor and magic resistance. This item combo is perfect on Amumu, whose whole goal in League of Legends is to Bandage Toss in, turn on Despair (which also does percent health magic damage) and hitting Curse of the Sad Mummy to lock down the entire enemy team.

Once you’ve built these two damage items, Amumu transitions to building straight tank. You pick up your choice of defensive boots (Merc Treads or Plated Steelcaps), followed by situational legendary defensive items depending on what you’re facing from the enemy team.

If your team is very AP-heavy (for instance just an ADC with AP mid and top), Abyssal Mask is the ideal fourth item. However, you can also go for something like Gargoyle’s Stoneplate for the extra survivability in teamfights or Spirit Visage against heavy AP threats. If the enemy team has a lot of auto attackers, Thornmail or Randiun’s Omen are good options, depending on if there are a lot of crit-based enemies.

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With one of the easier kits in League of Legends, Amumu has become a monster by using the synergy of Sunfire Aegis and Demonic Embrace. With a 58% win rate in the jungle on Patch 10.23, according to U.GG, it’s time to pick up Amumu and start collecting free LP in Preseason 11. Let the only tears shed be those of your enemies.