TFT: The Five Biggest Changes Featured in Patch 11.1

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Check out the biggest changes coming in Patch 11.1 to TFT!

With the official confirmation that the mid-set update is going live on PBE tomorrow, Patch 11.1 will mark the end of the first half of Set 4. Now, not to worry if you haven’t reached your goal rank in TFT, as the ranks are not finalized until the entire set is complete. Still, now is as good a time as ever to climb!

Here are the five biggest changes in Patch 11.1 for Teamfight Tactics.

1. Board Cycling Will Skip Dead Players

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This is a massive quality of life buff for players, who can now easily and freely look through all of their opponent’s boards without needing to click through all the empty boards of the fallen challengers. Not game-changing for the game itself, but huge for the meta game and strategy at high elos.

2. Sharpshooters Get Dulled

Sharpshooters have been dominating the meta recently, so Riot is taking aim at a few of the strongest Sharpshooters in TFT. Vayne is getting a nerf to her Silver Bolts at 3-stars, Teemo is getting a nerf to his Sporecloud Dart damage at 2-stars, and Jhin is getting a nerf to his Whisper AD multiplier at 2-stars.

Overall, this means that Sharpshooters should be in a much weaker state. I’d be surprised if they were among the meta comps in Patch 11.1.

3. Brawlywood Closing

The ever-popular Brawlywood comp is getting a significant nerf in Patch 11.1 thanks to some nerfs to Lulu’s ability. She is getting her mana cost raised by 30, while only getting 20 extra starting mana.

This means that she won’t be able to buff up her frontline of Maokai, Hecarim, and Nunu to survive for insane periods of time. Even though Hecarim got his healing buffed, don’t expect to see Brawlywood as a top-tier comp.

4. Cultist Buffs

Even though 2-star Jhin is getting a nerf, the Cultist synergy is overall getting stronger in Patch 11.1 thanks to a few other buffs to key units. Aatrox is getting big buffs to his armor (up 30) and health (up 100), making him one of the better front-line tanks in TFT. In addition, Kalista is getting 100 bonus health, which boosts her power in fights since she’ll be able to survive longer to do more damage.

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5. Farewell to Ahri

It’s Ahri’s last patch as part of the Set 4 roster, so Riot is sending her off in style. She’s getting a 5 mana decrease to her ability cost and a 0.05 attack speed buff. Both of those buffs should let Ahri have one more opportunity in the spotlight before she walks off into the spirit realm next patch.