LoL: 5 Champions Who Should Be Buffed (and 5 Who Should be Nerfed) in Patch 11.3

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Patch 11.3 is slated to drop some time next week, and the head of League of Legends balance, Riot Scruffy has given us some insight into those champions who could be getting changes. Although these buffs and nerfs are likely finalized by now, we wanted to chime in on some champions that still warrant consideration for a last-minute change.

Riot has previously revealed their methodology for determining which champions get buffed or nerfed, based largely on win and pick rates. While that’s all well and good, today we’re going to use a different benchmark – our tier lists – to pick five champions who need to be buffed, and five who need to be nerfed, in Patch 11.3.

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As a reminder, our positional tier lists take into account multiple different sites across the internet to give an aggregate score. This means their ranking on our tier list is, effectively, what the majority opinion of the internet is as to the strengths of certain champions.

These champions should be looked at for buffs or nerfs in Patch 11.3!

We will be focusing on champions who have been consistently strong, outrageously strong in their position, or are strong in multiple positions for nerfs. For buffs, we’ll focus more on champions that have not been ranked highly on our tier lists and are not seeing many picks in professional play.



In an era where we see Azir as a frequently-picked mid laner, it’s shocking that hardly anyone has answered with his long-time counter pick in Corki. Not only is he barely picked in professional play, Corki has not been rated above the mid-C tier in any of the past five patches and his average rating has been in the high-D tier.


He’s always been more of a pro pick than solo queue, but Trundle has been picked a grand total of four times this professional season. That’s not surprising given that there are very few tank junglers that have been strong in the meta, but Trundle has languished in solo queue as well. Like Corki, mid-C tier is the highest he’s been ranked in Season 11.


Heimer has been picked once in professional play, which may make him seem like a situational pick. However, Heimerdinger has also struggled in three separate roles – mid, top, and ADC. He’s only managed to crack the B tier of our tier lists in the top lane, and only in the last patch.


Another pick who can flex into multiple roles, support or mid, but has seen no picks in pro play. In both roles for solo queue, Vel’Koz has been decent, but not incredibly strong.

Tahm Kench

Yes, although he makes pro play boring as all hell, he’s only been picked four times this season (a 1% pick rate). In solo queue, Tahm has consistently been among the weakest supports, averaging an F grade on our tier list. He’s been in our B tier three times in the first five patches prior to Patch 11.3, across two roles, but always in the low-B tier.



Jhin has unquestionably been the best ADC for the last five patches and deserves nerfs. Even with the continuous adjustments to the ADC items, the fact that Jhin has been the best bot laner on our tier list is all the evidence we need for more nerfs.


Like Jhin, Leona has been atop the tier list for supports throughout the start of Season 11. She’s never been outside of the S tier in the preseason either, and is consistently the highest-graded support in solo queue.


He hasn’t been rated the best jungler every patch since the preseason, but he’s one of only two champions to be rated an S tier jungler in each of the last five patches. And, unlike that other jungler (we’ll get to them in a second), Kha’Zix hasn’t been a target of pro play.

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That’s right, Hecarim has been trotting right alongside his buddy Kha’Zix as a constant in our jungle tier list’s S tier. What’s more surprising is, while champions like Master Yi, Ivern, and Pantheon have been nerfed in recent patches, not a peep has gone on about Hecarim.


It’s honestly shocking that Camille hasn’t gotten nerfs. Not only is she now a staple of pro play, she’s also a persistent member of the S tier for top laners. Over the last five patches, she has the highest average grade of all top lane champions.