LCS 2021: Spring Split Week 2 Team Power Rankings

Photo by Paul de Leon/Riot Games.
Photo by Paul de Leon/Riot Games. /

After Week 1 of the LCS, fans had a pretty good idea of who the top teams in our power rankings were. After Week 2, though, all of the undefeated teams have been vanquished and the LCS Lock-In Champions Team Liquid have dropped to 3-3. All of this has thrown the power rankings into flux and caused some massive changes!

10. CLG (1-5)

Elo: 273 (+27)

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Congratulations CLG fans your team won a game!! While this is a bit tongue-in-cheek (and CLG probably should have beaten TSM in Week 1), there was a very real danger that CLG could have run the table and gone winless in Spring. Luckily, they managed to squeeze out their first win this year, against Golden Guardians, and it was a fairly solid performance. Let’s hope they can keep the momentum going!

9. Golden Guardians (1-5)

Elo: 278 (-55)

The team that gave CLG their first win, it is not looking good for GGS this year. In particular, their top laner Niles is taking a lot of heat after him calling out CLG’s Finn before getting absolutely clapped by him. This team really looks like they’re lacking an identity and a strong anchor to play around, other than perhaps their jungler Iconic. An 0-3 week doesn’t help matters, and it doesn’t get any easier as they face Team Liquid and 100 Thieves next week.

Here’s how the LCS teams fare in our power rankings after Week 2.

8. Immortals (2-4)

Elo: 289 (-20)

Despite their 2021 performance being probably better than expected, Immortals dropped a bit in the power rankings thanks to another 1-2 week. They continue to be an enigma of a team, as they lost to DIG and TSM, both teams they should have had an excellent shot at beating, but beat a top-tier team in Evil Geniuses. With games against CLG and FlyQuest next week, Immortals have a big opportunity to demonstrate that they are a contender, not a pretender.

7. FlyQuest (2-4)

Elo: 364 (-8)

Losing two of their three games in Week 2 was understandable, considering they had to face C9 and 100 Thieves. At least they managed to pick up the win over CLG. And they are poised to pick up a few wins next week as they play three teams in the bottom-half of the power rankings: DIG, GGS, and IMT.

6. Dignitas (4-2)

Elo: 397 (+71)

Unquestionably the biggest surprise of a team through two weeks, DIG managed to pull off a 3-0 Week 2 that included an impressive win over Evil Geniuses. At 4-2, Dignitas is somehow ahead of Team Liquid in the standings which is something I did not ever expect to type. However, it must be noted that DIG had a pretty easy schedule in Week 2, facing IMT, GGS, and then EG. While their strong start is impressive, I’ll be more interested to see how they fare in Week 3 against C9, TSM, and FLY.

5. Evil Geniuses (3-3)

Elo: 404 (-44)

It’s absolutely baffling that this team went out and beat Cloud9 to start Week 2 and then immediately followed that up by losing to Immortals and Dignitas. EG’s low quality of wins (C9 is the best opponent they’ve beaten) is starting to become a bit of a worrying trend and they’re facing TSM and Team Liquid in Week 3. They need to right the ship ASAP.

4. TSM (4-2)

Elo: 414 (+50)

TSM heard we were talking smack, apparently, as they came out looking sharp in Week 2. They absolutely bodied Team Liquid and Immortals in their last two games of the season, in perhaps the cleanest games of any LCS team this year.

However, before TSM fans all get rowdy in the comments, it’s important to remember that they have only beaten one team (TL) in the top half of the power rankings. In Week 3, they’re going to run into a brutal stretch of EG, 100 Thieves, and DIG, so let’s see if they can keep this strong play going.

3. Team Liquid (3-3)

Elo: 470 (-30)

The kings have fallen, and they have fallen hard. After dominating the LCS in Lock-In and Week 1, TL had an embarrassing Week 2 in which they lost to TSM and 100 Thieves. Their sole win came against CLG. Even though they’re lower in the standings, there is still reason to believe that Week 2 was a fluke and not the start of a worrying trend for TL, though they will have to face EG and C9 in Week 3.

2. Cloud9 (5-1)

Elo: 489 (+2)

Following a surprising loss to EG on the first Day of Week 2, C9 managed to turn their fortunes around to beat 100 Thieves in a battle for the top spot in the LCS power rankings. While, yes, C9 should be ranked higher than 100T purely based on this head-to-head matchup, we should note that 100 Thieves slightly edges out C9 in terms of strength of schedule and wins, giving them the top spot in our power rankings.

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1. 100 Thieves (5-1)

Elo: 493 (+5)

It was thanks to this strength of schedule, bolstered by a win over Team Liquid in Week 2, that puts 100 Thieves into the top spot of our power rankings. Now that the Thieves have faced all the top teams in the LCS, they get to relax in Week 3 and face some of the league’s bottom feeders. With a lineup against IMT, GGS, and (sorry) TSM, expect a 3-0 week from the Thieves as they expand their first-place position.