LCS 2021: Are Fans Being Too Sensitive About CLG Locker Room Meeting

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games.
Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games. /

Did CLG make a mistake releasing their locker room clip following a tough LCS Week 6?

After Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) exited week 6 with a 1-2 record, the team released a video on social media discussing the future of their roster. The video sparked major outrage from fans and has since been removed from the team’s page. Many fans have called into question where the real blame should lie for CLG’s horrific 2021 season and while their criticisms may have validity singling this video out as the cause for outrage may be a severe overreaction.

In the video, CLG GM Tafokints is surrounded by a visually defeated LCS roster explaining that this will likely be the last time that the current squad will be playing together. Tafokints clearly states to the team, “If we went 3-0 then it does bring up different considerations. But since we went 1-2 it seems like it’s just not clicking.” The morale is dead and everyone in the room just looks to be at their witts end, maybe because of two back-to-back losses, or maybe because they knew that this was bound to happen eventually.

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Whether it happened now or at the end of the season the CLG roster had to be retooled. They’re currently tied with Golden Guardians for last place right now in the overall standing and have the worst record in Summer Split. While you can make a case that the conversation was something best had in private, it was an inevitable reality that we got to witness not some random act of cruelty.

Storylines are an important part of every sport and it’s these behind-the-scenes interactions that help fans connect more with their favorite teams/players. Not everything can be uplifting moments or rallying cries, especially coming to the end of a season that’s clearly down the drain. This is the real world of all sports and we’re getting a glimpse into that with clips like this.

Where fan outrage does hold some credence is the critical eye that’s been placed on the management of CLG. This season is an absolute wash, but if we’re being honest the team has been extremely mediocre for years now. Extensive roster changes have been made that haven’t garnered any success, it may be time for a big switch up top to help create a new winning culture.

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Although it’s sad to see a group break up this team’s lifespan has clearly run its course. Hopefully with the new addition of Tanner ‘Damonte’ Damonte in the mid lane hopefully the team can come together to finish out the rest of the split strong. But, they’ll still need some serious upgrades before we can take them seriously again in the LCS.