League of Legends: Irelia Nerf and Hullbreaker Buff In 11.15 Patch Notes

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On Jul 13 Jeevun Sidhu, Riot’s Lead Game Designer gave fans the full patch notes for the upcoming update 11.15. In our preview reaction we gave some predictions on the changes that would come through, some were correct and others were off-place. But, after reading through the full notes it’s clear that 11.15 will be a small quality of life update that’ll affect the game but not severely change the meta.

League of Legends Patch Notes For 11.15

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System Changes 

Hullbreaker: Resists 25-45 to 25-60

Champion Nerfs

Annie: Q ability power ratio: 80% to 75%.

Aurelion Sol: E flight distance: 5500-7500 to 5000 flat.

Gwen: E attack speed: 40-80% to 20-80%.

Irelia: W attack damage ratio: 50% to 40%. Physical DR: 40-80 to 40-70%. Magic DR: 20-40% to 20-35%.

Kayle: Magic resist: 30 to 26.

Sylas: Q damage: 60-280 (+80% ability power) to 70-290 (+90% ability power). W healing 30-150 (+45% ability power) to 25-125 (+40% ability power).

Thresh: E cooldown: 11-9 to 13-10.

Viego: Q base damage: 25-85 to 15-75. Bonus damage to monsters: 10 to 20. Healing from minions: 50% to 10%.

Wukong: Health per five: 4 to 2.5

Champion Buffs

Blitzcrank: Armor: 37 to 40. Q damage: 70-270 (+100% ability power) to 90-290 (+120% ability power).

Caitlyn: Q attack damage ratio: 130-170% to 130-190%.

Cassiopea: E damage: 10-90 to 20-100.

Kennen: Q damage: 75-235 (+75% ability power) to 85-265 (+80% ability power).

Mordekaiser: W cooldown: 14-10 to 12-8, damage stored 35% to 45%.

Nidalee: Base health: 545 to 570. Health per level: 85 to 95.

Rell: W cooldown: 13 to 11.

Shyvana: Q cooldown: 9-5 to 7-5. Ability power ratio: 25/15% to 25/25%.

Syndra: Q mana cost: 60-80 to 40-80.

Xayah: R cooldown: 160-130 to 140-100.

Champion Adjustments

Rumble: Passive Heat Decay and Overheat checking is more consistent; various bugfixes

Mundo: Will be addressed next patch


And the “Biggest Nerf of 11.15” award goes to… Irelia. Coming off of a recent rework, Irelia is receiving a major damage nerf to her kit. She’s been one of the most sought out top laners in the game since they increased her damage at the cost of her mobility. But her damage out scales opponents extremely hard, if given an early lead there’s almost nothing the enemy can do to come back. With reductions to each of her damage ratios, it’ll even her out with the rest of the pack without completely killing her viability.

The jungle is going to be getting a little bit more interesting next patch with buffs to Nidalee and Shyvana. The Nidalee health buff although relatively minor will make her more of an attractive pick. The Shyvanna buff will give her a much-needed boost to her clear speed thanks to reductions to her Q cooldown and an increased AP ratio. With Viego receiving a serious nerf there’ll be some room for picks but it’s still not very likely that they hop over Xin’Zhao, Volibear, Diana, or Lee Sin as top picks.

There are some changes in here however that do seem to miss the mark as well. For instance, who asked for the Wukong nerf? While reducing his HP5 (Health Regen. per 5 sec) does set him back a bit it doesn’t address how strong he is at the current moment. Wukong has been one of the best in the top lane for pretty much all of season 11. He is a jack of all trades but the thing that really sets him apart is his incredibly strong double knock-up mechanic. So while this health regen. nerf is a slight change it’s not anything that’ll move him up or down the totem pole.

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