League of Legends: 3 Tips To Master New Champion Akshan

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League of Legends new patch 11.15 is finally here and along with it is the arrival of the game’s brand new champion Akshan. Players on the PBE have had some time to get well acquainted with the Rogue Sentinel but for those of you who are just getting familiar with him here are some tips to help you get up to speed quicker. Keeping some of these tidbits in mind will help you be able to draw out all of the champion’s potential and hopefully lead your team to some wins.

Spacing Is Key

As with every marksman in League of Legends one of the most important things to focus on out the gate will be effective spacing. This encompasses all aspects of combat from farming CS to dueling with enemy champions. You’ll absolutely need to understand the maximum range that you can deal damage.

Where this will come into play the most will be in the case of a mid-lane Akshan. If you find yourself matched up against a brawler or assassin the ability to deal loads of damage from a distance will be your greatest ally. You’ll be able to bully opponents off of farm and make them run to tower for safety, with an effective freeze you’ll have a huge upper hand in gold from an early point in the game.

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Keep Your Opponent Guessing With Your E

Akshan’s Heroic Swing (E) will be the move that separates the good players from the great ones. While the move is a great engage and disengage tool, the high-tier Akshan’s will most likely also use this as a kiting tool in order to manipulate enemy movement.

Imagine the unpredictability of an Akshan player who’s constantly pressing the issue. You never know whether he’s engaging on you or boxing you in for a gank from his jungler. The pressure will be enough to keep any enemy on their toes, but like any mind game, it needs to be set up before an enemy falls into the trap. So, use your E not only often but also effectively.

Don’t Let The ‘Scoundrel’ Make You Lose Sight Of The Main Goal

Akshan’s Going Rogue (W) is going to be another huge part of his kit going forward. The move has a passive that marks an enemy as a ‘Scoundrel’ after they slay one of your allies and killing them will not only give you gold bonuses but also revive your fallen ally. If you’re prioritizing the win, it’s not always the wisest decision to immediately slay a Scoundrel.

The move is selfishly cool and while there’s nothing wrong with being selfish sometimes, there’s a time and place in LoL for it. Firstly, if you’re not in a position where you can effectively solo kill the enemy why jump into an early grave.

Along with that, you’ll be inconveniencing your teammates by rushing them back onto the map. Sometimes the respawn timer is a benefit, it gives players time to decide which items they’ll need moving forward and sometimes accumulate that last-second gold for those items. If you’re rushing them back onto the board before they’re ready you’re only hurting the team.

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