Riot Teases New Champion Vex In New Gwen Voicelines

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

New Gwen voicelines tease that Riot’s next champion, Vex is on the way.

Gwen has got some new voice lines following the end of the Sentinels of Light event and among the changes are a couple easter eggs of League of Legends’ next champion Vex. When we reported on Vex before it was a toss-up on when she would be added to the game, all that was known was Riot’s intentions with the character. Well, it’s possible that now we’ll be getting our hands on the new Yordle-mage very soon.

The new Gwen voicelines are an interesting change, her interactions with each of the Sentinels and Ruined are directly correlated to the end of the story. Being that the Sentinels are her allies her interactions with them are rather pleaseant like her jokingly playing with Vayne about her dark shades. But the Ruined interactions are the exact opposite often combative or threatening.

But in the video above, they began the voicelines with some key interactions that directly correlate with Vex, the champion that many believe will follow-up Akshan on the roster. She now has a Vex First Encounter and Kill voiceline, it would be pointless for them to give her voicelines that would never trigger. Which is why I believe we may be recieving Vex in the coming months.

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With Worlds around the corner Riot is dedicating the next couple of updates to pro play, but what would be a better venue to announce that we’re getting a new champion than the biggest tournament in the Esport.

Vex was initially supposed to be released before Akshan but got pushed back due to unknown reasons, with the extra time to get this champion right by now if she’s not complete the finish line is right there.

Gwen could be hinting to us that something big is on the way. It’s still unclear when Vex will be added to the roster but I’ll predict that it will happen very soon.

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