NA caster goes off on Immortals


Immortals’ collapse in the playoffs has left everyone in frustration and confusion, and this particular caster couldn’t hold his feelings in any longer.

In the most recent addition of Primetime League, North America League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS) caster Aidan “Zirene” Moon answered why Immortals choked in the playoffs and suffered one of the biggest upsets in LCS history.

Zirene opened the segment by saying, “I honestly believe that Immortals tilted after realizing they had misread the meta and trusted in their strengths which were relics of the previous patches.”

He had reason to believe this since Eugene “Pobelter” Park admitted after the loss to TSM that the team failed to understand what they could play in the current meta. Pobelter and the rest of Immortals (apparently) thought that League was still in a state that called for your top laners to carry on damage-based champions.

Zirene hit the nail on the head with his next remark: “But as a coach, what call do you make?” Immortals had three weeks to prepare for their series against TSM, and they busted out Lucian top in their first game after all that preparation. That is scary to think about. What’s also scary is that their coach, Dylan Falco, didn’t adapt to the situation after game one and change things up. Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon should have changed his game plan after game one, but instead, he followed Lucian up with Gangplank and Graves. It’s unacceptable.

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Next, Zirene said: “How could this 17-1 team look so lost? Their weeks of practice turned out to be fool’s gold. In scrims, you fight early to test your limits, and because of that, this gave Immortals a bad read on the patch.” Even if this is the exact truth of Immortals’ situation, it’s disappointing to know that they would be that naive. If Zirene knows that’s how scrims work, then everyone on Immortals should know that as well. Did they really think they would come out in the playoffs and end every game before 30 minutes ever hit? It actually looks like it, and that was ultimately their downfall.

Zirene goes on to say that he isn’t upset for Immortals’ coaching staff putting their players in comfortable roles, but he is upset at the coaching staff for not making the players test their limits during the regular season. They were nearly undefeated during the split and had no reason not to practice other styles of play. Counter Logic Gaming want to push down your throat with a split pushing team in their ideal world, but that isn’t the only thing they did all year. They also adapted to the meta and tried different playstyles. That’s what the regular season is for: improving as a team – not trying to go undefeated in the most flashy way possible.

“It is a necessity that Immortals add true versatility to their playbook…”

Zirene ended things with the cold hard facts for Immortals, “This needs to be a wake-up call. With best-of-threes around the corner, it is a necessity that Immortals add true versatility to their playbook, or they risk watching Worlds from their gaming house.” Immortals have to know this now, right? Treating the NA LCS like it’s

Solo Queue

Dynamic Queue might work in best-of-ones, but if they don’t change, they will be even more exposed next split. TSM did look really good against them, but Immortals will struggle in every series if they only have one way of playing the game.

Hopefully, this will be a learning experience for Immortals that forces them to address their weaknesses. They are an exciting team with loads of talent, but they aren’t good enough to do literally whatever they want and still win. If they want to do that, they should just change their name to Team Dignitas and be happy with staying on the LCS – because you’re never going to win anything playing that way.

It will be interesting to see if they have already changed things around for their upcoming third-fourth place series against Team Liquid. It would be insulting to see them come out this weekend and play the same exact way as they did against TSM (yes, even if they won in doing it). Immortals, prove that you guys actually understand how to play the game and don’t insult us by staying in your comfort zone. It would be more exciting to see Immortals adapt to adversity in a losing effort than to see them win by playing a composition that consists of three attack damage carries and Karma.

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