10 most overpowered champions in URF

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URF will finally be here tomorrow, so make sure you know what champions to play and ban.

It has been a long and treacherous road up to this point, but the League of Legends community has finally made it to Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode in 2016.

URF is usually given to us on April Fools Day and lasts a couple of weeks, but Riot disappointed in that aspect his year. Instead, they gave us an extremely underwhelming Draven event that was a complete and utter flop.

Our next hope for playing URF was by getting it in the new Rotating Game Mode queue, but again, Riot kind of let us down with that one as well. Instead, they opened their new queue with Ascension the first week and Legend of the Poro King last week. Yaaaaaay.

But all of that is behind us now. Let’s leave the negativity and disappointment in the past as we embark on our new URF journey.

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URF will be available sometime tomorrow and will run until the weekend ends.

It’s been a long time since we have had URF, so it’s good to go over some of the top champions in the game mod as a quick reminder. Obviously, every champion is overpowered in URF since that’s what the game mode is all about, but some champions are borderline broken. Not much has changed over the years, as far as URF is concerned, so if a particular champion was crazy good in URF last year, that will probably still be true for this time around as well (unless that champion has received massive nerfs).

This is the list of the 10 most overpowered champions in URF, but it’s in no specific order. Everything is subjective, and that’s even more true in this scenario. Someone could make the case for any of these 10 champions that they are the most overpowered in URF.

The important thing is that you know what’s strong so you can either ban it or try it out yourself.

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