2016 NA LCS standings after Week 2 of the Summer Split


NA LCS standings heading into Week 3 of the Summer Split.

Week 2 of the NA LCS is officially over, and here is where everyone stands heading into Week 3.

1. TSM (4-0)

There’s no questioning that TSM is the top team in North America.

They have dominated the competition so far, and that now includes the second-best team in region. Immortals were able to take one game from TSM, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

It’s going to be tough for any team to take a series from them, but Cloud9 will try their best next Friday.

1. Team Envy (4-0)

Envy hasn’t had to play a top opponent yet, but they’ve taken care of business with what has been thrown at them.

They have a lot of talent on their roster, and it shouldn’t be surprising if they end the split in the top-four.

Next week will be their first real test as they have matches against Immortals and Counter Logic Gaming.

3. Immortals (3-1)

It wasn’t the best week for Immortals, and it’s clear that they still have a lot of areas to improve.

Losing to TSM wasn’t surprising, but struggling against NRG Esports and even dropping a game was.

Hopefully, they can kick things up a notch moving forward. Their series against Echo Fox and Envy should be interesting.

3. Cloud9 (3-1)

Cloud9 look really good.

They haven’t been perfect, but what they have already been able to do is quite impressive.

The series against Counter Logic Gaming was supposed to be a showdown, but Cloud9 made things boring by defeating them handily.

We will see just how good they are next week when they battle TSM.

5. Apex (2-2)

Apex fell back down to earth after a great opening week.

They only won a single game all weekend, but they did have to face off against the top two teams in the standings.

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Apex should have an easy win against Phoenix1 next Saturday, but the series against Cloud9 the following day will be difficult.

6. Liquid (1-3)

It’s still not pretty, but Liquid looked a lot better this week than the did in the last.

They let a series slip away from them against Counter Logic Gaming, but they responded by easily taking down Echo Fox for their first win of the split.

Liquid has an easy schedule next week as they face off against Phoenix1 and NRG Esports.

6. Counter Logic Gaming (1-3)

Counter Logic Gaming simply aren’t good right now.

They finally got their first win of the season against Liquid, but it easily could have gone the other way.

Things better start to improve, because it’s going to get ugly if they stay at the bottom of the ladder.

Counter Logic Gaming will have solid opportunities against Echo Fox and Envy next week.

6. NRG Esports (1-3)

NRG looked like the worst team in the region last week, but it looks like that was more of a fluke than anything.

The team played much better this week and were able to take a game from Immortals and defeat Echo Fox.

Next week will be tough against Liquid and TSM, though.

6. Echo Fox (1-3)

Echo Fox are in a very bad place right now.

Their only win of the season came against Phoenix1, and even that was difficult.

Many thought Echo Fox would be a playoff team this year, but they need to improve a lot of things for that to be plausible at all.

Unfortunately, the team is likely to continue trending down next week since they play Counter Logic Gaming and Immortals.

10. Phoenix1 (0-4)

Phoenix1 may be at the bottom of North America, but they are still competing well with everyone.

They took a game off of Cloud9 on Saturday, and overall, they’ve been able to do a lot of good things.

If Phoenix1 is to win a series in the near future, next week will be one of their better opportunities as they battle against Liquid and Apex.

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